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How can being an introvert benefit your career?

Most extroverts believe that being an introvert is associated with lack of confidence or shyness. This is not true. In fact, being an introvert does not have to be associated with any negative trait but,  is associated many positive ones. It is time to embrace your introvert nature with dignity and to understand how being…

Introvert Whisperer

How To Be a True Leader

Leadership is an important aspect of our current working environment. For companies, it is a great privilege to have natural leaders in their payroll because it allows them to develop new successful strategies to effectively satisfy the need of their clients. Ralph M. Stogdill has pointed out that there are as many definitions for leadership…

Introvert Whisperer

If You Don’t Like Your Job Situation, Change One Thing Today

What gives you a deep sense of satisfaction in your career? Is it hitting milestones on a project? Seeing someone else succeed because of your efforts and impact? Our ability to feel successful comes from regularly having a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. It’s knowing that what you do makes a difference. It’s growing and…

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