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Are You Stuck In A Dead-End Job? Look For These Signs

We have all been in a situation where we found ourselves to be slogging away / passing our days at a dead-end job. However, the realization doesn’t come easily even when you might suspect things are going haywire. Something always comes in the way. It could be having nice colleagues, you being too comfortable in…

Introvert Whisperer

5 Ways to get Your Point Across as an Introvert

Being an introvert might make it more difficult to get your point across from time to time. So, you might just have to focus on becoming even better at delivering a powerful message than the rest.   Get Straight to the Point These tips aren’t really for introverts only. They are good tips for anyone….

Introvert Whisperer

My Own Story of Change: What You Can Learn from It

When I launched Introvert Whisperer, I was unclear what to do with my previous website.  Because I wasn’t clear, I kept it going and continued to post content to it.   I decided to “end-of-life” the website, thus closing that chapter in my life.   Because my roots are in change, I have to use…

Introvert Whisperer

Introvert’s Guide to Career Success

In the perfect world career success would be logical. Raises, promotions, and job interviews would be based entirely on intellect and experience. Alas, we are humans and not Star Trek’s vulcans. As humans, career success is more often than not a combination of hard facts, personality, and networking.   As introverts, it can be tempting to…

Introvert Whisperer

Getting a Job Using your Second Language

  Knowing other languages in a world that, thanks to globalization, has forced people to be bilingual and almost makes them forget their mother tongue, definitely comes in handy when looking for a new job. Numbers do not lie, today, nearly 60% of the job offers require the candidate to master a second language. English…

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