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10 In-Demand Professions in The Near Future

Job security can sometimes seem as though it belongs to the past, but if you’re sensible enough to choose the right profession you’ll not only be in demand but in many cases will be able to enjoy a higher than average salary. So if you’re considering a career change, or wondering what to study, you’d…

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Attention Kansas City KS & Overland Park people – Meeting

Attention Kansas City KS & Overland Park people – Meeting We are the local chapter of Represent.Us, a national, cross-partisan campaign to fix America’s corrupt political system. Together, we’ll stop lobbyists and special interests from bribing politicians who are supposed to represent us. America’s anti-corruption laws are dangerously out of date. Our broken system requires…

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Patience and the Learning Curve

While we are constantly facing the challenge of change, often it means we have new things to learn. Ugh! That can be painful all by itself.   But, have you ever noticed that many times when you are learning that when the pain increases, the patience decreases?   First: You will feel uncomfortable during a…

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If You’re Not Growing You’re Shrinking

As we approach the end of the year people often think of their careers, so today I’m going to toss out a few thoughts for you to consider. The question is: What direction is it going? Is that the direction you intended? Even if we aren’t intending to get promoted or a higher level if…

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What Are You Thankful For?

This week is Thanksgiving in the US. While we focus on family and friends gathering to enjoy a great meal, the underlying meaning is to pause and give thanks. It’s a time of gratitude. I wanted to pause today and think through some of the many things I may take for granted or simply don’t…

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15 Low-Stress Jobs that Rake in the Big Bucks

While some amount of work-related stress is natural and can help you keep focused on the task at hand, extreme stress can cause physical as well as emotional health problems. If you think that your current job is seriously affecting your sanity and your quality of life, a quick job change may be just what…

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