Be Remembered for the Right Reasons

You’re nicely dressed and striking all the body language to be just the right person others want to meet and add to the contact list. What do you say when you’re asked the inevitable question “What do you do?” If the next 30 seconds is boring, cringe-worthy or forgettable all of the rest of your…


How to Overhaul Your Communication In An Introvert-Friendly Way

Introverts can get a bad rap: They’re often mistaken for being aloof, snobby or shy. In reality, introverts feel depleted when in social settings and can only get reenergized when they’re alone. If you lean towards introversion, there are many ways to boost your communication effectiveness with coworkers and peers at work.   Here are…

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Don’t Misunderstand the Importance of Leadership Development to YOU?

I have heard people equate Leadership with management or being in charge.  It’s understandable, as those things would be best done if leadership skills co-existed with those positions.   Yet, Leadership abilities are skills that aren’t just for specific jobs.  Leadership skills or characteristics are important capabilities both in life endeavors as well as career….


Stop dreading meeting new people

If you’re like a lot of people, the idea of going to an event full of strangers is right up there with a root canal.  You get tongue-tied simply knowing how to start up a conversation, and after a couple of painful minutes you run out of things to say.  Awkward.   You never have…


Elevator to Success: Internal Drive a Key Ingredient

Recently I had an epiphany -drum roll please. An internal drive to succeed is the secret sauce of a fruitful career. Personality type or education level–both factors can determine the difficulty that individuals will face when finding success, but education level or emotional make-up will not doom an individual to a fiery pit of failure….

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