How to deal with discrimination at work

While we don’t like to think about it or want to pretend like it doesn’t happen where we work, discrimination in the workplace can be commonplace. While it is easy to be discriminated against at work, it is just as easy to fight back against those responsible. In some cases, you may be entitled to…

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An Introvert’s Guide To Becoming More Social

Many people consider introverted people shy, think they can’t socialize and make friends and are just destined to be alone. But a true introvert knows this: it has nothing to do with shyness. We’re just being selective when it comes to communicating with others, we just don’t find comfort in spending time with random people,…


What you need to Know About Your Elevator Speech

Elevator Speech– Unique Value Proposition – Personal Branding Statement: Does it Really Matter What You Call It?   In a word: No.   Almost as soon as the concept of Elevator Speech made it to our vocabulary, you had people poo-pooing it in lieu of one of the other terms.  That happens in our culture…

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Are you Guilty of Misunderstanding the Importance of Leadership Development to YOU?

I have heard people equate Leadership with management or being in charge.  It’s understandable, as those things would be best done if leadership skills co-existed with those positions.  As we also know, those two things don’t always combine oftentimes with poor results. Yet, Leadership abilities are skills that aren’t just for specific jobs.  Leadership skills…

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9 Ways to Ensure Your Career Goes Nowhere

As you go about life and interacting with people, you invariably encounter those whose behavior simply screams “I’ll never be going anywhere in my career.” OK, harsh, but you know you’ve met those folks and then maybe one of them could be you. There are some things that will ensure you go nowhere in your…

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