33 Best Career Blogs For Women(Get Inspired!) - Introvert Whisperer

33 Best Career Blogs For Women(Get Inspired!)

This post was originally published on BeautyPros.   Women truly can have it all – a successful career and a happy family! Thousands of women are doing just that, enjoying what they do in the workplace and raising and caring for a loving family at home.   We’ve picked 33 of the best career, leadership,…

11 Best Interview Questions To Ask At Your Next Job Interview - Introvert Whisperer


This article was originally published on textbooks.com.   “So, do you have any questions for us?” At the end of your job interview, after you’ve been peppered with interview questions like “Tell me about yourself” and “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?,” you will undoubtedly get asked if you have any questions. And the answer…

Advantages of being an introvert in business - Introvert Whisperer

Advantages of being an introvert in business

If you’re reading this, you’re just like me, an introvert trying to make it in business. Some of you must be thinking, it’s good to socialise, meet people, make new friends and that’s all good for business. It’s true that it is. That’s where opportunities come from. Well being an introvert doesn’t mean that we…

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The Top 10 Skills for a Successful 21st Century Worker

Abstract Are you trying to make a mark in your professional life but despite all your efforts are not able to get the desirable results? Read on to find out which skills are necessary for you to have a thriving career!   Content The competition has become tougher than before in the job market thanks…

5 Strategies to Manage Introverts at Work - Introvert Whisperer

5 Strategies to Manage Introverts at Work

Your team is made up of many characters and every manager knows that although they can’t all be pleased at the same time, it is up to them to make them feel comfortable so that they can thrive in their job.   Part of a manager’s job is to try different strategies to reach out…

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