2 Strategies for Getting Off Your “Buts”

I hear countless comments from people saying they want to change careers, BUT, but, but, but.  They make up some reason for not changing.  Among these reasons are:  I’m too old – I’ll have to take a pay cut – I don’t want to make the effort – I don’t know what I’d do.  Essentially,…

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Are You Guilty of De-prioritizing your Network?

If the needle on the personality scale leans a little toward “Introvert” like mine does, I can almost guarantee you are probably in the camp of people that ignores all but a handful of people you know.  You might have fond thoughts of these other people but that’s about as far as it goes.  The…

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What determines success within a career?

What ultimately defines career success? Despite the cliché rewards reaped of success, each individual will have their own idea of what success is and how to achieve it. Success is largely personal and what one person’s idea of success is will differ from another person’s. Success is measured through various different means such as spiritual,…

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A Look Inside the Thoughts of a Hiring Manager

Haven’t you ever wished you could hear the thoughts going on inside the head of a hiring manager?  If you had the inside track it would help you understand what’s going on in the process and how to get a competitive advantage.   Let me offer you that insight.  I hired hundreds of people in…

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