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Is Jobs Security Major Reason People prefer Government Jobs over Private Sector?

Many people dream to start their career in a government department. Some of them even opt to work with less salary, but under one condition: government job. Why there’s craze for government jobs even when private sector offer fascinating pay and high-quality life? There’re many things that make people choose government jobs over private industry….


How to Speak up When You’re Hurt at Work

If you’re naturally introverted, you might characteristically go about your job and scarcely speak up unless answering a direct question. However, when you’re injured at work, being assertive by letting someone know what happened is a necessity. Otherwise, you might end up with an untreated injury that’s more severe than you first realized. There are…


To Prevent Overwhelm-Set Boundaries

I realized what a fool I’d been as soon as my co-worker launched into a recruitment pitch for his political lobby group. We were all crowded into a conference room at the office, and more people kept coming in and trying to find seats. My co-worker – let’s call him Stan – smirked to himself…

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Pardon Me, Your Personal Brand Is Still Showing

Except maybe your brand, what you offer to others, isn’t clear at all. Maybe you’ve felt like your tongue got stuck in your throat at networking meetings when people asked, “So, what is it that you do?” You never have to be caught in the headlights again. Even better, you can create the kind of…

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It’s a Girl-Sarah Landrum

Please help me to welcome Sarah Landrum to Introvert Whisperer, as a regular writer-contributor to the blog. Sarah has written several excellent articles this year and we love what she has to say. Below is more information about Sarah. As always, if you have a topic you would like to see covered in the blog,…

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5 Ways To Manage The Bosses Expectations

Most of us dream of the perfect career where we are performing acts of genius, admired by our peers and praised by the boss. The reality is often just short of that and made worse if the boss is making demands of you that are unrealistic. When the boss is expecting something from you which…

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