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Change is Not a Four Letter Word

When it comes to making change, especially in a business setting, no one seems to be neutral about it.  Most people are running from it as fast as possible while a few seem to be drawn to it.  For the majority attempting to remove themselves from the fallout, you can smell fear in the air….


5 Tactics for Starting a Conversation with a Stranger

There is a hierarchy of cringe-worthy activities and high on the list is networking.  If you peel back networking, there are few things worse for many people (like my fellow socially reluctant) than approaching and speaking with a stranger.   The problem you face is the fact that you have little or no “frame of…

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Stop dreading meeting new people

If you’re like a lot of people, the idea of going to an event full of strangers is right up there with a root canal.  You get tongue-tied simply knowing how to start up a conversation, and after a couple of painful minutes you run out of things to say.  Awkward.  You never have to…

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Elevator to Success: Internal Drive a Key Ingredient

Recently I had an epiphany -drum roll please. An internal drive to succeed is the secret sauce of a fruitful career. Personality type or education level–both factors can determine the difficulty that individuals will face when finding success, but education level or emotional make-up will not doom an individual to a fiery pit of failure….

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An Introverts Guide to Motivating Co-workers

Whether part of a team or in leadership, motivating co-workers can be a difficult, but necessary, task for any introvert. The reason for this necessity extends itself to job security, success, and overall well-being. Providing a call to action is critical for a successful leader and co-worker to rally their team. The goal of this…

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