The 10 Things Everyone Ought to Know… About Personal Branding

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Personal Branding is a Fairly New Term.
  Tom Peters, a well-known business expert, coined the term “a brand called you” in the late 90’s and 2 years later the first Personal Branding consulting firm was launched.


As trendy as Personal Branding is, it’s a seriously misunderstood term.  When it’s not misunderstood, it’s simply a gap in the understanding of even the most serious career professional.


Despite the gaps that exist, it’s an important concept to understand and manage if you have any intention of growth and promotions.  A poorly projected Personal Brand can be the one single thing that will limit even the best and brightest.


Here are the things 10 things you need to know to help you with your own understanding of Personal Branding:

  1. It’s about the opinion others have about you.
  2. It’s your reputation.
  3. It’s the value people place on what you do or don’t “bring to the party”.
  4. It’s developed by what you do consistently to reinforce how people see or experience you.
  5. It’s what you focus on.
  6. It’s not just one thing. It’s a recipe unique to you comprised of the things most visible to others.
  7. Your Personal Brand is always showing, even if you do nothing to shape it.
  8. You can spoil your Personal Brand in a New York minute.
  9. You can rebuild and change your Personal Brand but it does require a bigger effort and consistency.
  10. Your Personal Brand is within your control.


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