10 Ways to Increase Productivity at Work

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What is productivity? It is the combination of focused efforts and intelligent planning. It can be a challenge to remain productive at work or at home. The odds are that you are not completely satisfied with your work after every work day.

Productivity can be improved every day if you work continuously on some points. Making most of your time during the day is important. And, it does not mean that you cannot be social or enjoy. You just need to manage yourself and your work.

It is not rocket science but it just requires you to be deliberate about managing your time. Here are some strategies that will help you increase productivity at work.


1. Track Your Time

You might think that tracking time for each task you do is easy. But it is only 17% of people who have the ability to estimate the passage of time. Therefore, you need to analyze your time spent on each task. There are some online tools that will help you do track your time according to the task you are doing. This includes the time you spend on mail, social media, and other stuff.


2. Breaks are Important

Yes, to increase your productivity at work you must take frequent breaks. It improves concentration and the next task you do would require you to spend less time. Humans need to charge their batteries more often unlike cell phones who work optimally until the battery dies.

Taking breaks also have important other outcomes that employers might care about. They are:

  • Higher job satisfaction
  • Reduced emotional exhaustion
  • Greater efforts by employees to undertake work


3. Get Rid of Unnecessary Meetings

At the workplace, time is the most important currency you have. Though it might be very tempting to attend meetings to network with people in your organization, you should know which meetings to say no to. If it is a one on one meeting with your manager, it is definitely important but meetings with discussing the picnic plans and next potluck are the ones you could avoid.

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4. Impose Deadlines

Self-imposed deadlines are important to make you more productive at work. A manageable level of stress can help you bring focus and help you achieve your goals. For open-ended projects, give yourself a deadline and ensure you stick to it. Your efficiency and productivity would definitely be affected positively.


5. Complete the Task Immediately

Follow the two-minute rule. The two-minute rule states that if you can complete a task in two minutes or less, then you should do it immediately. There is no need to put the task on hold or save it for later. That just adds to your to-do list decreasing your efficiency.

Each time you do a task following this rule, you achieve a sense of quick wins that motivate you to complete rest of the tasks assigned. Start following this task and your productivity will definitely have a boost.


6. Multitasking: No-No

You need to quit multitasking. It is a myth that multitasking skills improve efficiency. The possibility of other side being true might be true. Attempting to do a number of tasks at a single time creates loss of time and energy making you less effective.

Ensure you complete a single task in hand and then move on to next.


7. Find Your Bonus Time

Your bonus time can be your time of commute or the time you spend in a meeting where your presence is not very important. You should use this time to check your mail, creating a to-do list or finding out information that would help you with your projects.


8. Be Proactive

Have a plan from the start of the day. If your job involves a lot of talking on the phone, then keep some time aside for e-mails and other important stuff before you start taking up calls. Set aside time for every important task in hand. Be proactive and not reactive.


9. Minimize Interruptions/Disable Notifications

When you are at work, you should keep yourself from interruptions that can distract you. This especially includes social media notifications, messaging apps notifications, pings from friends and any type of office politics.

You might think that small interruptions do not make a lot of difference. But, even small disturbance can make a difference in your working patterns.


10. Finally, Reward Yourself for Little Achievements

Staying motivated at work is important. It is important to deliver, to stay stress-free and to create a healthy working environment for yourself. Rewarding yourself on small achievements boosts your performance and keeps you motivated. This also effects on the type of efforts you put in other tasks ultimately creating a positive effect on your productivity.

In the end, good habits like early to bed and early to rise would further help you increasing your productivity.


Guest Author: Ankora


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