2 Quick Tips to Figure Out a New Career

2 Quick Tips to Figure Out a New Career - Introvert Whisperer

Figuring out a new career path is a big decision no matter what age you are when trying to make this kind of decision.


  • Patience; We’re used to getting access to information really fast, communicating fast and a lot of instant gratification. Our current lifestyle has done little to cultivate patience and this decision requires patience.  It’s not a fast answer because if it were – you’d already know.  If you can’t be patient with yourself and the process to arrive at a decision, you really shouldn’t start.
  • Get curious; we go through life mostly just accepting the occupations we come in contact with and not giving much thought to them. If you’re going to make a decision about a new career, you need to pay attention, get curious and be willing to do research.  Only through this level of exposure to occupations will you unearth something you’d love.

You may not be at a point where a new career is something you are considering.  That’s ok.  Just remember these 2 things when the day arrives because it will arrive.  We all change careers multiple times in our life and its best to be a bit prepared for when that day comes.



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