3 Actionable Tips to Stay Motivated to Network Every Day

3 Actionable Tips to Stay Motivated to Network Every Day - Introvert Whisperer

3 Actionable Tips to Stay Motivated to Network Every Day


Casual and confident networking is the Mount Everest for us introverts – daunting and seemingly unattainable. What’s worse, we are confronted with this intimidating challenge every day, if not a few times a day – in the elevator, at the checkout, in the coffee shop, at the office lounge room… The list goes on. Making the decision to change isn’t enough – we have to stick with it day in, day out. When you have to bite the bullet and fire up a conversation with someone you don’t know or barely know, how do you shush the self-deprecating and demeaning voices? By clinging to your motivation like a bulldog to a stick.


And here are some workable, feasible techniques to help you lock your jaw on your goal to improve networking skills.


A treasure chest


Expect the unexpected. The truth is, you never know what a conversation will bring up. You really have no idea what interesting, useful or surprising information you may find out from a stranger or acquaintance before you start talking to them. In some unforeseeable way, that information could help you meet your soulmate, next best friend, save your job, land you a better job, bring you some money, etc. You never know.


Here’s my example. I’m a dog person, so one day I decided to strike up a conversation with a neighbor who was walking her adorable little pug back home. The lady started complaining about the dog’s allergy to the black mold that had sprouted in their kitchen. She continued to elaborate, saying that they had tried a DIY approach, but it kept coming back. They actually had a leak in the wall and by the time they figured they should call in a professional, the remediation bill was three times higher than it could have been. She said it with a certain warning note and I sure remembered both the moral and the whole unbelievable conversation. The point is, when some slimy black thing started sprawling rapidly in my parents’ bathroom, I told them about what I had learned from the lady. It really did save them a load of money!


How will this help with motivation? Next time you are halting about starting a conversation, remember that it could bring you a gold nugget of information.


Use anchors


Anchors are concepts elaborated in NLP, but it’s actually something very familiar to all of us. Do you have a song that reminds you of your first crush? Or is there a smell that brings back childhood memories? Is there a person who makes you feel awkward just by seeing them? Those are all anchors – auditory, olfactory and visual. An anchor is a stimulus that prompts a reaction in you. The great thing is that you can leverage this perfectly natural phenomenon.


If this is too abstract, here’s a personal example. There was this summer around 10 years ago when I looked particularly good (I had been working out hard months on end). I was young, good-looking and happy. I felt so amazingly good about myself that I approached a waiter in a beach bar! Our relationship lasted for years and he’s still a great friend. That summer I picked up a smooth, fittingly heart-shaped pebble on the beach and to this day I use it as an anchor to bring myself to that I-rock state of mind whenever I need a confidence boost.


How will that help with motivation? This technique can help you overcome the fear in the crucial moment. It’s easier to stay in tune with your motivation when you feel good about yourself.


Baby steps


You know that phrase that a journey of thousand miles begins with a single step? Not only does it start with a single step, but it is comprised of thousands and thousands single steps. Every effort you make every day to improve your networking skills contributes to this journey.


That means that even if you fail once, twice or three times, it’s no big deal. You tried to make a witty remark to a colleague, but the attempt fell miserably flat? No big deal. You’ll do it better next time, some other place, with someone else. Congratulate yourself on the effort and the courage – for an introvert that’s no mean feat. The important thing is that you keep putting one foot in front of the other on your journey.


How will that help with motivation? Never lose sight of the bigger picture. Networking is not something that comes naturally to you, so it’s perfectly understandable that you won’t win them all. But you’ll win some. And it will get easier with practice.


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