3 Big Challenges and What You Should Do

3 Big Challenges and What You Should Do - Introvert Whisperer

We constantly face challenges in our life.  There are 3 big challenges I think we face almost daily. I’d like to offer up my thoughts on things to do or consider with those challenges.


Here are the challenges:

  • Making hard decisions
  • Staying focused on your goals when life intervenes
  • Finding balance (yes, its there as well)


Let’s take a peek at the challenges and some things to consider:


Making hard decisions

I one time heard someone says that there are no “bad” decisions; decisions are neutral.  It’s what you do and how you respond to the outcome of your decision.


In general, I think that is a wholesome way to look at decisions because all decisions that aren’t life-threatening, illegal or immoral all can get “managed”.  By that I mean there are always unknowns that you don’t know or can’t predict at the time you make a decision. You must figure out how to handle those unpredictable things.  We have to adjust.  We have to problem-solve.  There is never a straight line between a decision and an outcome.


Maybe there is an element of expectation adjustment to go with decision-making.  The expectation should lean toward realizing in order to get to the desired end result; you will have to weave around a few obstacles.  You have to keep your eye on your goal for the decision you made and recognize you still have work to do.


Staying focused on your goals when life intervenes 

I see this so much that its obvious, as humans, we can really only focus on a couple of important things at the same time.  This is especially true with our careers.  We are focused on finishing school and launching our career.  Once we do that; we get married, have kids and buy a house.  It’s big fun and very exciting but while we’re doing it, the career tends to go into autopilot.  We wake up one day in the future and wonder what happened, as we aren’t where we prefer.


I think there are two things you can do to help you stay focused:

  • Have someone dedicated to help remind you to occasionally pay attention to “other important things”. It can be a trusted mentor or a professional like a coach.
  • Make a point out in time when you’ll restart your focus. The person I mention in number one can help you with a future restart.


Finding balance 

My view on finding balance is that it’s an ongoing part of life.  You have to constantly make decisions about what to do and what to delay.  It’s like your money; you can’t pay for everything all the time.  You have to decide what is most important right now and wait to do or pay for something at another point in the future.


As a gal who used to work for me said: “It turns out you can’t do it all, at least not all at the same time.”  It’s true and while it might not always be fun, it’s part of keeping you functioning well.

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