3 Workplace Health Promotion Ideas to Increase Productivity

3 Workplace Health Promotion Ideas to Increase Productivity - Introvert Whisperer

Keeping employees healthy is crucial for ensuring they show up to work each day able to put their best foot forward. But as employers, it’s hard for us to recognize that health and wellness are actually a crucial part of being a great company to work for. While we may worry about our productivity levels or what should actually be included in work requirements, an appropriate wellness plan can actually help improve business and encourage employees to get more done.


Including a corporate wellness plan for your employees doesn’t need to be expensive or extremely detailed. Instead, it can focus on simple changes such as keeping an office clean or encouraging healthy behaviors in fighting off colds and flus. These little changes around the office can help your employees stay healthy, ensuring they come into work each day prepared to tackle their projects and meet deadlines.


Here are a few ideas on understanding what is work health and safety and how to prevent cold and flu in the workplace.

1. Keep a Clean Office

If you want to prevent your employees from catching a cold or coming down with the flu, you need to understand what causes a cold. While cold-like symptoms can come just from the weather changing or things like allergies, of which you probably can’t avoid, a clean office or workspace prevents the spreading of contagious germs that can lead to sickness.

Professional office cleaning services are usually worth the investment, even if you can only bring them in once a week. While you and your team can wipe down door knobs, keyboards, and other shared items during the week, professional cleaners get all the cracks you forget about.

2. Get Moving

It may seem counterproductive to encourage your employees to get away from their desks as a method of how to increase productivity at work, but it is crucial for keeping them healthy and happy. There are many ways to promote movement at work, including pushing for walking breaks or allowing employees to take extended time away during the day to go for runs or head to the gym.

When your employees focus on maintaining their health through exercising regularly, they can boost their immune system and fight off colds or the flu more easily. Additionally, getting up and away from the computer screen or desk can be refreshing on the mind, allowing employees to come back to work feeling ready to tackle the projects at hand.

3. Encourage Healthy Eating

A major part of ensuring our employees don’t get sick during cold and flu season comes from eating healthy and getting the nutrients and vitamins that we need. If we see our employees grabbing fast food like cheeseburgers or pizza for lunch, they’re putting themselves at risk for getting sick – which decreases your productivity and can hurt business. But if there aren’t healthy options available, it can be difficult for your employees to get nutritious meals.
Try to keep healthy snacks around the office that your employees can grab if they need it. Things like oranges or apples come relatively cheap at the grocery store and can provide a burst of vitamins to hungry employees, giving them energy and keeping them focused. If you have the budget, catered meals once in awhile can be a great way to ensure your employees are eating properly while also showing your care and dedication to their well-being.

Our employees spend most of their weeks with us, meaning that while some employers may think health or wellness at work is something they don’t need to worry about, investing in a corporate wellness program is actually a great investment in our companies. As we train our employees to do a particular job each day, we need them to show up for work each day. Calling in sick can put the entire project behind schedule, causes other individuals to miss important due dates or deadlines, and decrease productivity.

Keeping a clean office, encouraging movement and exercise throughout the day, and promoting healthy eating habits are just a few of the ways that you can encourage health and wellness in the workplace. To create a plan that fits your needs and the needs of your employees, pay attention to their habits, ask what they would find beneficial, and do whatever is in your power as their employer to help them meet those needs.

As you focus on wellness, you’ll be surprised at the increase in productivity.


About the author: Riya Sander is an Australia-based writer. She holds a bachelor’s of Business Administration(Marketing). Riya is very delighted to work with aspiring small business owners. She currently writes for Gretams Property Services, a professional cleaning service based in Brisbane. Check out her Twitter.



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