33 Best Career Blogs For Women(Get Inspired!)

33 Best Career Blogs For Women(Get Inspired!) - Introvert Whisperer

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Women truly can have it all – a successful career and a happy family! Thousands of women are doing just that, enjoying what they do in the workplace and raising and caring for a loving family at home.


We’ve picked 33 of the best career, leadership, and entrepreneurship blogs, many of which are run by successful women. These blogs will inspire you and motivate you to excel and be passionate about your line of work, or in many cases, make something you excel at and are passionate about your career!


It was no easy task to put together this list as there are so many awesome blogs out there, but we’ve tried our best, and if you have any other suggestions, please feel free to leave them in the comments.


These blogs are listed in no particular order.


Take The Interview by The Digital Recruiter


Take The Interview(TTI) is a software company focusing on helping companies hire the right people. It may not seem obvious at first why this blog made our list, but:

  • As a job-seeker, get into the minds of interviewers and businessmen by reading the TTI blog. They have excellent tips on how companies can hire the right people – what if you were able to get detailed information on who a company thinks “the right person” is?
  • As a potential employer in the future, you’ll have great ideas on how to hire the best people.

Check out the Take The Interview blog

Take it Personel-ly


Take it Personel-ly is a leadership/business advice blog that has a bit of something for everyone in workplace – from business owners to managers to office employees, you’ll find hiring advice, business advice, lifestyle advice, relaxation tips, and the occasional book or product review. Chantal really likes to mix it up and that provides a refreshing and informative read every single time. Did I mention she’s also a social media guru?

Check out Take it Personel-ly


HR Nasty


At first glance, HR Nasty may seem like a tongue-in-cheek jab at Corporate America, but in reality, the blog is full of insightful, out-of-the box approaches and advice for acing job interviews and climbing the corporate ladder successfully. Their posts are spot-on, fluff-free, and actionable, and all written from an insider’s point of view.

Check out HR Nasty


Campus To Career


Campus To Career is a blog about job seeking and finding a fulfilling career. Although the advice and tips can be applied by anyone in the job market, Kirk’s primary focus is helping college graduates get started in their careers – by preparing for their interviews well and how to approach their job once they have it.

Check out Campus to Career


Adjusted Development


Authored by Perry Timms, a UK-based HR professional, Adjusted Development is all about recreating the workplace in a positive way that fosters development, creativity, values, and continued learning. Perry has a vision of what the ideal workplace should be, and he shares his vision on Adjusted Development. If you’re an employee, these strategies will help you change the space immediately surrounding you for the better, and if you’re an employer, his advice will help you change your entire workplace for the better.

Check out Adjusted Development


Copeland Coaching


Copeland Coaching is by Angela Copeland, who is a passionate career consultant. She helps job-seekers find their perfect jobs, and on her blog, she talks about personal branding(which is vital to set yourself apart from everyone else), resume and cover letter development, networking, and interview skills. Her blog and podcast are must-reads/listens for any job-seeker!

Check out Copeland Coaching


Bulls Eye Recruiting


The Bulls Eye Recruiting blog has excellent tips and strategies for become successful at sales. As a beauty professional, you have to sell your skills and talents to your client – you have to convince them that you will make them look beautiful! Employing the sales strategies(and learning from the successful salespeople Bulls Eye Recruiting profiles) will help you get ahead in your career, whether it’s working in a salon or having your own small business.

Check out Bulls Eye Recruiting


Sterling Career Concepts


Sterling Career Concepts is a resume development service. Their blog provides great and actionable advice on all things career related: cover letters, interviews, searching for jobs, networking, and resume writing, to name a few. If you like what you see on the blog, get in touch with Laurie – sometimes the additional boost provided by a professional consultant can get you where you want to be much quicker.

Check out Sterling Career Concepts


Career Musings


Career Musings is the personal blog of Daisy Wright, a Canadian career consultant. Her blog is all about your resume and interview process – go through all of her posts and you’ll see what a wealth of knowledge she is! From your cover letter, to your resume, to your references, to the interview and follow-up, Daisy has you covered

Check out Career Musings


The Office Blend


The Office Blend is really unique because they publish research and data driven content very regularly. Every Tuesday, in fact. You’ll find actionable advice to lead a fulfilling work life and make the most of your workplace. You will also find recommended courses, books, and the occasional inspirational post to give you a boost and get you back on track!

Check out the Office Blend


Women On Business


Women On Business is an internationally collaborated blog to make a network of like-minded women entrepreneurs. Networking is very important for every entrepreneur, and Women on Business is a great place to start meeting new people and picking up advice and learning from the experiences of other people from all over the world. This is a must-visit if you want to start your own business or if you’re looking to optimize your current business.

Check out Women On Business


Alexandra Levit’s Water Cooler Wisdom


Alexandra Levit is a career consultant who helps people find the jobs they love, and then excel at them. Her focus is helping millennials, but her advice and experience are relevant for job seekers of all generations.

Her blog is packed with insightful ways to keep a business running smoothly, and how employees can make the best of where they are and have a fulfilling and successful career. She is also on top of all the latest trends and research.

Check out Water Cooler Wisdom


The Voice of Job Seekers


The Voice of Job Seekers is all about hacking the job search process to make things simpler – sometimes going at it with a newer perspective and out of the box approach is all you need for the extra edge to get ahead of the playing field. Mark Anthony Dyson, the “voice” on the blog is an experienced professional from both sides of the coin – first as a job seeker and then as a hiring manager.

Check out The Voice of Job Seekers


Camilla Kristiansen’s Blog


Camilla Kristiansen is an entrepreneur who inspires other women that they too can have it all: doing what they love, the freedom to travel, and having a family – she herself does it too! While Camilla’s blog doesn’t focus that much on a career per se as the others listed so far do, being an entrepreneur in the beauty industry has huge potential and that’s why we’ve listed her blog as one of our top selections.

Check out Camilla Kristiansen’s blog


Random Acts of Leadership


Random Acts of Leadership is authored by Susan Mazza, a motivational speaker and consultant who works with multi-million dollar companies. Her blog is full of awesome information on how to lead – or position yourself as a leader – which is a vital skill in the corporate world. Leaders get recognition, and leaders are often first preferred for promotions.

Check out Random Acts of Leadership


Julie Winkle Giulioni’s Blog


Julie Winkle Giulioni is a California based consultant for business seeking to bring about positive changes in their workplaces. She has transformed many businesses to be more efficient and employees to be more happy and productive. Her blog focuses on leadership and career counseling – a must read!

Check out Julie Winkle Giulioni’s blog


Dana Manciagli’s blog


Dana Manciagli’s blog focuses on career consulting and hiring, geared at the new digital economy. What really sets her apart is her laser focus on how to be a productive employee in the digital age, and how to best position your prospects for getting hired – in the new economy. Her posts are inspiring – especially for women looking to become entrepreneurs or climb the career ladder.

Check out Dana Manciagli’s blog


Joanne Dewberry’s Blog

Joanne Dewberry is a serial entrepreneur and an inspiration for women looking to start their own business. She is living the “life”, having the best of family, work, and freedom – and she writes about her experiences and knowledge on her blog, inspiring thousands of women on the way. Joanne’s blog has won many awards(more than we were able to count), so it’s no surprise her blog made our list, too!

Check out Joanne Dewberry’s Blog


HR Bartender

The creation of Sharlyn Lauby, HR Bartender gets its name from the role a bartender plays – the friendly face who you can always turn to for advice and encouragement. Sharlyn shares advice and guidance for all things human resources: finding the right people, keeping them happy, promoting them, and getting things done!

Check out HR Bartender



CareerMetis.com (Metis means wisdom in Ancient Greek) is a collaborative blog edited by Nissar Ahamed, a professional in Canada. CareerMetis.com is unique because it features content from numerous regular columnists and guest contributors, so it’s a really impressive collection of knowledge and ideas for someone to get the career they want or to grow their existing career.

Check out CareerMetis.com


Introvert Whisperer

Even though it may seem like people who talk the loudest or with the most confidence are usually heard, there are far too many talented people out there who are introverts and would rather sit quietly and brainstorm world changing ideas as the rest of us are having a shouting match! Dorothy’s blog isn’t solely focused on introverts, but her career advice and workplace wisdom can certainly be applied by both introverts and extroverts to find success.

Check out Introvert Whisperer


Margaret Buj’s Blog

Margaret Buj is a career consultant with extraordinary success getting her clients placements in the United States and Europe. Her blog is a comprehensive walk through of all aspects of a career – job searching, interviewing, working, and getting promoted. What’s really unique about her is that she often discusses very specific careers(such as nursing) and the merits and opportunities in them.

Check out Margaret Buj’s blog


Kathy Caprino’s Blog

Kathy Caprino is a career coach with a twist – her approach is a very top-down, holistic one. The first thing she asks you when you visit is “where would you be happy and truly love what you are doing?”

Kathy loves to inspire women to achieve their fullest potential and find success doing what they truly enjoy doing, and to find the courage to do so wherever they are in life. That’s why we’ve selected her blog in our list!

Check out Kathy’s blog


Mary Elizabeth Bradford

Mary Elizabeth Bradford is a specialty career consultant who focuses on high-level executives. She is really unique because she consults specifically for positions like CEOs and the like. While you may not require her services or advice immediately when starting out, it is certainly something you can aspire for and set your goals towards!

Check out Mary Elizabeth Bradford’s blog


Ms Career Girl

Ms Career Girl is an all round blog and resource for working women. They feature posts on not only career advice, but for lifestyle, health, and entrepreneurship as well. After all, a successful career must go hand in hand with living healthy and happy, right? They aim to help professional, ambitious women to make their career their passion or their passion their career. A win win situation!

Check out Ms Career Girl


Chameleon Resumes

Chameleon Resumes is all about making yourself look good and indispensable to your potential employers. Their blog is full of great advice on how to make yourself look the best and make sure your resume reflects your true potential and caliber. They’re also in touch with the digital economy, so a lot of their posts focus on LinkedIn, too. Along with the blog, they offer a great resume consultation service.

Check out Chameleon Resumes




TopResume is a top-notch career and workplace blog that takes a wide-net approach: you can learn everything there, from how to craft a great resume, to how to ace an interview, making yourself stand out with great personal branding, searching for the right job, networking with the right people, and salary negotiation.

Check out TopResume


The Searchologist


The Searchologist is a specialist in hiring in the social world. Now that we’re all connected more than ever before on social media – be it Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn(or Pinterest and numerous other networks!) these places are great ways to meet new people and get in touch with them. Supercharge your networking skills with the Searchologist!

Check out the Searchologist


My Right Fit Job


My Right Fit Job is just as the name suggests: how to find jobs and do what you love doing! Since they have such a blanket goal, you’ll find blog posts catering to nearly all kinds of jobs and careers – so there’s a little something for everyone. Browsing through the posts, you may even find some kind of job you never knew existed but think you would really enjoy doing!

Check out MyRightFitJob.com


Skip Prichard


Skip Prichard writes about inspiring you to take command of your life and your career and emerge as a leader in your work. Whether it’s taking control of your workplace, inspiring others, or just finding inspiration for yourself when you’re feeling like you are in a rut, Skip is there for you!

Check out Skip Prichard’s blog


Career Impressions


Written by Adrienne Tom, Career Impressions is all about executive resumes. Sometimes it is harder to find a job when you are coming from an executive position than it is when you are starting out! Career Impressions will help you craft the perfect resume, look for the right job opportunity, and find success in your new job once you have secured it.

Check out Career Impressions


College Recruiter


College Recruiter is an online service that is dedicated to help college graduates find jobs right after they graduate. They feature entry level jobs and jobs depending on majors to help pair graduates with a line of work they would be happy in and successful in. They post quite often on their blog about all career related topics: searching for jobs, writing resumes, networking, salary negotiation, and growth.

Check out College Recruiter


Career Ladder


While most of the blogs we have featured here are based in the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom, we’ve included Singapore-based Career Ladder in our list as well, since their blog contains so much valuable job-seeking and career guidance. Adrian’s guidance is spot on and he writes with an informal, conversational, and familiar tone.

Check out Career Ladder

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