4 Awesome Tips {& 1 You Won’t Like} To Stay Connected When Working From a Non Office Location {I’d say Home, but these days, we’re working from everywhere!}

4 Awesome Tips {& 1 You Won’t Like} To Stay Connected When Working From a Non Office Location {I’d say Home, but these days, we’re working from everywhere!} - Introvert Whisperer

I LOVE working from home. I’ve done so more or less in some way, shape, or form over the last 20 years.


As a fellow introvert and also a highly sensitive person {HSP}, I just can’t fathom ever going back to the more traditional, corporate, show-up-at-the-office 8-5 kind of atmosphere, can you? {especially at this point in my life… but that’s another story!}


Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not shy. I actually love people {Seriously. Ya, I know. Don’t hold it against me!} and get along with people just fine. The right ones GIVE me energy vs the dreaded we-know-all-too-well DRAIN, right? Have you experienced this, too?


There are those wonderful, delicious, meaningful conversations with {*gasp*} others that can keep us gabbing, sharing, and developing ideas for a long period of time, that we actually lose track of time! {I know I’m not the only one!}


So what’s the problem, right?


First, I don’t see one.


However, there are others that may be naturally concerned about the biological tendencies for us introverts to ‘disappear’ and retract a bit, especially at the thought of us not being ‘within sight’ at the office {right?!}. I believe they love us and have honorable intentions. So, ‘for their sake’, let’s increase our awareness of how we can stay truly connected, and thus fulfilled and valued, even when working from a location other than ‘the office’.


Being an introvert and/or highly sensitive, if we’re aware of our natural intuition, abilities, and skills and view them as Super Powers, we can more effectively be deliberate with our intention to stay connected to those in our ‘work circle’ even though we work from home or a remote location.


Is this concept foreign to you? Would some tips to ensure more ease and flow in this area be helpful?


Check these out and let me know what you think…



  1. Know the WHY – either company or project based, having a common, bigger-than-you connection to why you’re doing what you’re doing is not only inspiring and energizing, but a way to connect & {yes} even bond


If you haven’t already seen them, I can’t more highly recommend Simon Sinek’s How Great Leaders Inspire Action and If You Don’t Understand People, You Don’t Understand Business. These have profoundly inspired me and are a part of my philosophy.



  1. Give Back – join a mastermind with a select group of business people who inspire you and for whom you’d have a deep sense of honor and fulfillment by contributing your opinions and expertise


This is not only an incredible way to stay connected, but also to feel more fulfilled, and thus happier at both work and will overflow into the rest of your life.



  1. Use Technology to Your Advantage – Skype, Zoom, Join.me, Voxer, Slack, etc can provide both real-time type chat, voice and even video calls when it’s important to stay connected, informed, and available for questions, collaborations, regular updates, and meetings when necessary


One of the most fun and inspiring parts of my old career was the amazement at company culture that we created that was very largely due to a group Skype chat for the entire {small}, but global team. Unforgettable.



  1. Solicit Feedback – create and use a standard, personal process to ask clients, colleagues, and employees how you’re doing meeting their needs


Most introverts are terrible at best for patting themselves on the back and ASKING for testimonials {right?!}. For some of us, asking for {any} feedback {according to our brains} assumes the negative and we certainly don’t want to hear that {especially us highly sensitives!}.


However, if we look at it through a lens that we genuinely want to know how to meet the needs of others {okay, something we’re rockstars at!}, then knowing that also having proof of great work and improvements also allows us the ability to continue to work ‘not from the office’ and THAT alone is worth an action to increase our capacity {Notice I didn’t say move outside of our comfort zone?! Just like Beth Buelow, I happen to love mine, thank-you-very-much!}.


***Bonus Tip: KEEP all of the great feedback others give you in a Google Doc or Folder and use it to your advantage for the next step in your career! {It also makes for wonderful reading when you’re at a low or frustrating point!}



  1. Schedule Work Blocks – In order to have enough patience and energy for the albeit valuable social interactions, make sure that you’re scheduling NO Meeting work blocks for both problem-solving processing as well as getting actual work done.


Completing a task or project is typically rewarding and energizing for introverts, so this  ‘work balance’ will create a more fulfilling environment, allowing you to enjoy the social parts of your day that may once have been viewed as ‘interruptions’.



Working from home or another remote location {like a sailboat} has its challenges, but also immense rewards for all, and perhaps especially for introverts and highly sensitives. By using our Super Powers and making deliberate social connections, we can not only survive, but THRIVE at work and life!


So, what do you think? Did you find value with any of the information I shared? Any ‘Aha’ moments for you?


If so, I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts and continue the conversation below.


Big Hugs,



About the Author: 

Crystal Kumpula believes that Everyone is Worthy of Being Seen, is an ISFJ-T, HSP, completed the ClickFunnels Certification Program to become a Certified Funnel Consultant and now runs Funnel Marketing Consulting.


She intends to use her Super Powers to continue the Movement she’s seen to redefine Work, Life, & Retirement, & create a Global Impact. Will you Join Her?

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