4 Easy Things You Need to Be Doing to Advance Your Career

4 Easy Things You Need to Be Doing to Advance Your Career - Introvert Whisperer

How many times have you been so silent in a business meeting? I think most introverts have their own good reasons, although they have much to offer to the business. Even though speaking up can be risky for many introverts, it is always worth it!


I am sharing with you this video to help you with:



Do you think you can’t lead a business meeting? It can be tough for introverts but with some planning, you can get your opinion heard. Watch this video and learn 4 easy things that would help you advance your career.


Share with us the strategy that you will instantly follow to advance your career. We would love to hear your thoughts.

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Dorothy Tannahill-Moran is the Introvert Whisperer, Career & Leadership, speaker and author.
  • Ash Stevens

    Great ideas here. In my experience, I see that the answer to getting ahead lies in asking questions. And I can even illustrate it using the ideas you share here.

    Getting anywhere in business — or virtually anything — requires communication. Speaking up can get awkward though, and — quite frankly — if we don’t have the right relationship with our coworkers then our comments may go ignored or overlooked. I say save yourself the embarrassment by using questions. (1) It will save you the embarrassment of a misunderstanding, and (2) It sets the stage and stresses the importance of what you’re about to say.

    For example, rather than saying, “We could do yada-yada to address that issue.” Try asking, “Could doing this create an issue with yada-yada?” If everyone is in agreement, then you can follow up by sharing your idea. There may be loopholes within your idea but, regardless, you’re showing you have the ability to forecast problems and think up solutions.

    Create Your Network
    Introverts feel awkward talking, and that’s where questions are GREAT! If you ask thoughtful and provocative questions, then you can participate in a 30 minute conversation that you only contributed 4 or 5 sentences to. People love to talk about themselves, their lives, and their interests, so use this to your advantage. Not only will you save yourself from having to talk, but you can gain some great insights and develop some fantastic partnerships. If you give yourself a reason to genuinely care about the person you’ll be talking with, then INCREDIBLE things will unfold from these talks.

    Deliberately Schmooze
    I think that’s pretty well covered above. ;-)

    Give Updates To Self-Promote
    By asking questions, you can update people on what you’re doing without appearing hungry for praise or risking an out-of-place comment. This also gives you the opportunity to further enhance your network. If someone else has done something similar to what you’re working on, then go to them to ask them about their thoughts or experience. That gives you the chance to talk to people about what you’re doing, but it also gives your colleagues the opportunity to share their knowledge. People like feeling valuable, and making them feel good in this way will enrich your relationship with them. And the things they have to share may indeed be VERY valuable to you, so give it a go. :-)

    • http://www.introvertwhisperer.com Dorothy Tannahill-Moran

      Thanks so much for this very robust set of comments! You’ll have to turn this into an article we can post. :-)

      • Ash Stevens

        Haha! I actually copied my response into a Google doc so I could do this VERY thing. :-D

        • http://www.introvertwhisperer.com Dorothy Tannahill-Moran

          NO! Not Google docs! Ack!

          • Ash Stevens

            I couldn’t resist! :-D :-P ;-)

  • Charlene Rhinehart

    This is great information! I like the idea of setting “comment” goals so that you don’t completely lose your voice in meetings.

    • http://www.introvertwhisperer.com Dorothy Tannahill-Moran

      Thanks for your comment. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you don’t need to say anything, especially if what has been said reflects your thoughts. We have to be heard, others need to know our thoughts, need to know we’re engaged plus if you intent to be a leader – you especially need to be heard by those who follow you and those making decisions.

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