4 Tech Tips to Streamline Yourself for Promotion

4 Tech Tips to Streamline Yourself for Promotion

Getting ahead at work is a process that can take months or even years, and while there’s a lot of merit to proving yourself outside of office hours by staying late, coming in early or networking at event functions, there’s an easier way.


Being able to work productively is the key, and there are a number of solutions to help you do just that, provided you’re willing to invest in a work routine that makes good use of all sorts of tech solutions.


That said, it’s a one-way street, and those who do choose to see it through often find themselves looking back and wondering how they ever managed to get anything done before going tech-y. If you’d like that to be you, then read on.


1. Install a Comprehensive To-Do List App


According to a LinkedIn survey, 63 percent of professionals use to-do lists as an organizational tool to impose to impose self-control. The irony is only 11 percent of that majority actually accomplish all the items on the agenda in a given workday. This is where the time-honored tradition of the pad and paper fails us.


When our smartphones are within arm’s reach for almost every second of every day, it makes sense to take advantage of their capabilities — and there are literally hundreds of to-do list apps to choose from. If you get stuck, here’s a rundown on the best apps for list fanatics.


2. Create Schedules with Syncing Calendars


One of the things that reduced the effectiveness of digital calendars in the past was their inability to stay updated across multiple devices. Fortunately, a few tech-savvy developers saw fit to rectify the situation and now offer a slew of syncing calendar apps that no self-respecting business person should be without.


These cross-platform calendar apps are essential in developing seamless workflows over different workstations and negate the need for you to go in and change things manually. Now that time can be better spent doing what you do best.


3. Convert Voicemail to Email


No matter how available you might make yourself, there will always be times when you simply can’t get to the phone and someone goes to voicemail. While the voicemail is useful, it has some drawbacks and they’re largely to do with the fact that it takes longer for people to process real-time audio than it does to make sense of the written word.


There are various kinds of services can automatically convert voicemail audio to text emails and send them straight to your inbox. If you have a free second at a meeting or simply need to skim your voicemails to see if that important client call came in, something like this could be very handy.


4. Keep Track of Who’s Read What


When working in teams, one of the biggest liabilities that threatens to undermine the success of a project is communication, or rather the lack of it. And while it’s perfectly acceptable for a collaborator to read their emails and mark them with a star for later, that doesn’t do much to help anyone else.


Productivity apps such as MailTracker will let you see when an email you’ve sent has been read, how long ago it was viewed and on what device it was seen — all of which should help you to manage things more effectively and get the attention of management while doing so.

At the end of the day, what really matters in the context of positive career growth is the quality of your work, which is often judged on other criteria. But as long as you spend the time you’ve gained wisely, you should have no problems moving upward and onward.

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Kayla Matthews is a productivity writer and blogger, as well as the editor of ProductivityTheory.com. You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter to read her latest posts.

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