4 Tips For Introverts Whose Career Force Them to Go Out Of Comfort Zone

4 Tips For Introverts Whose Career Force Them to Go Out Of Comfort Zone - Introvert Whisperer

Our jobs have a way of putting some pressure in our lives and based on the personality of a person, they can easily adapt or find it challenging to cope up with. For instance, you may think that a sales job is most ideal for extroverts but repellent to introverts. This is just an example of the many scenarios we are struggling with out there. You can relate easily to this. Probably, you have in the past taken up jobs that are not for introverted staff.


You don’t have to quit or shy away from an opportunity just because you are an introvert. It is not true that some jobs are for extroverts and that introverts can’t succeed in them. The Scientific Director of The Imagination Institute, Scott Barry Kaufman says that the difference in between these categories of people is due to the differences in response to a neurotransmitter called dopamine. This chemical substance, despite being of the same quantity in all people is more active in extroverts than in introverts. It provides motivation to search for external rewards such as attracting a mate, earning money and climbing the social ladder among other related things. With this understanding, here are important tips to get out of your comfort zone:-


1. Identify people who find value in you

 If you are careful to look around, you will realize that you are not the only introvert. That does not mean you only go looking for people that are introverts. Reach out to the extroverts too. This will help you to survive and stretch yourself a bit. At least, being close to people who care about you will be of much help.


2. Use your personality to your advantage 

Don’t feel inadequate just because you are an introvert. You should not force yourself into social activities that will take away your energy instead of giving you strength to move forward. It is not helpful for you to comprise your personality in order to please others. Sometimes it may feel that you are letting them down but the most important thing is your happiness, both physically and emotionally. If you are a natural pleaser, beware of falling for the wishes of other people and not going by your personality.


3. Remember your qualities are valid as well 

One of the psychology researches, Carl Jung’s theory states that what appears to be random behavior in human beings is actually due to the differences in the manner in which people like to use their mental capacities. Your contribution in whatever capacity and approach matters a lot. Ideally, you can liberate yourself with this proposition. Don’t struggle all-day long because you feel uncomfortable reaching out to others for help. Look at your work environment carefully make use of others. Believing that you have something to offer will give you the confidence to reach out to others knowing that you too will help them at some point. The point is to observe healthy habits from your colleagues particularly those of self-advocacy and learn from them.


4. Consider what makes you happy 

There will be many things to make you hate your job. However, a focus on what keeps you there will be important to help you stretch further to attain results. It is important to remain positive and focused on the things that add value to what you are doing at the moment. Step outside that comfort and hold closely to what keeps you going in your current situation. You cannot entirely rely on motivation and will-power. These are scarce resources. Instead, form a habit of sticking to things that work for you. Make sure you have identified elements that define your abilities for the type of job you do. At times, the job is valuable to you. This is especially if you are in a region with an economy that is not perfect. This attitude will make you survive in introvert-unfriendly jobs like those for the service industry among several others. Don’t be swayed away just because you haven’t found your dream job. There are many things that you could do to have an enjoyable experience.



No job is meant for certain people as far as introverts and extroverts are concerned. There is a reason why people behave the way they do as highlighted in this article. When you find yourself in a career that wants you to get you out of your comfort zone, don’t quit. Take this challenge by yourself and apply these important tips. You win by overcoming challenges that pop up along the way. You can’t be shying away every time you face some kind of opposition in life. Your introversion is also profitable to others. Being an introvert doesn’t make you less of a person. Extroverts too will need your help. Therefore, come forth to express yourself.

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