5 Adaptation Strategies to Help you Overcome your Own Tendencies

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As an introvert leader, you’ve probably already started seeing how your own behavior might not serve to help you succeed…or at least not at a rate you would like.  You can see others who are getting ahead and you don’t see yourself doing some of the things they are doing.


In fact, you really kind of detest what you see others doing to get ahead and your principles simply won’t let you follow their example.


Does this sound like you?


This leaves you pondering what you can do as you don’t see any role models.


I’m not advocating that you consider a personality transplant.  It wouldn’t work anyway.  What I am proposing is adapting your behavior not all the time but in very specific situations.


Adapting is simply a conscious effort by you to deliberately modify your behavior to meet both your goals and to satisfy the situation you are in.  Think of adapting your behavior as the equivalent to the difference in how you behave with a child you know versus your boss.  The person and the situations call for different behaviors – in that moment.


Here are some things you may be doing that call for a different approach:


#1 You hunker down.
The good news is your like to get down to business and will produce like crazy.  The bad news is you do that at the expense of building relationships.


Do this instead:  Take a walk-around break.  Pick a time each day to deliberately stop what you’re doing and go interact with others.


#2 You don’t inject your opinion
The good news is you listen and pay attention to what’s being said.  The bad news is, if people don’t hear something from you, they’ll just assume you don’t care or really have nothing to add.


Do this instead: Make a point to offer up your ideas or opinions in every meeting or discussion you are in.  It may be hard at first, but the more you do it the easier it will become.


#3 You don’t self-promote. 
The good news is you aren’t being obnoxious like some other folks you probably know. (And while they are being obnoxious don’t fool yourself into thinking that is always effective).  The bad news is that you aren’t paying attention to those that are self-promoting in a quiet, subtle way.


Do this instead: Figure out who the key decision makers are and what’s important to them.  Then, deliver like crazy to their priorities and keep them updated along the way.  It helps to reinforce that you not only paid attention but you delivered.


#4 You don’t communicate with the boss. 
There is no good news if you’re waiting for the boss to speak to you or give you their direction.  You have to be responsible for communication and not wait until they come speak to you.


Do this instead.  Set up time to routinely speak to your boss.  Update them on your work.  Seek input on what’s ahead.  Ask how they view your performance and expectations of you.  Take responsibility for the relationship.


#5 Don’t take everything at first glance
The good news is you listen.  The bad news is that with some people you fail to realize they are thinking out loud.  What you hear may be simply part of the process and not a conclusion.


Do this instead:  Learn to realize that for some people, you may have to ask, “where they landed” on certain topics.  What you heard might not be where or what they have concluded.  Learn to ask questions.


There are certainly many other situations where your behavior could stand some modifications in order to further your agenda.  Hopefully, this will get you thinking about what and when you need to adapt.


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