5 Things That Hold You Back In Life And How To Get Rid Of Them

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Our cultures, experiences, routines, habits and even our friends and families may build limitations and fears that can hold us down. Even if you feel so, it’s important that we all are doing our best to strive forward in this complicated, but beautiful world. It is important to shed light on these negative influences and eliminate them from our lives. Here, we take a look at things that can hold us down and how to tackle them.


1. Not Identifying Your Weaknesses

Habits or daily routines which were developed during early teenage or childhood years have the capability to dominate your life. All of us are looking for stability in our life. Once you get immersed in these routines, it becomes difficult to realize that they could be your weakness as well.

You might have a habit of playing video games when exams or some important work come up. You will have the notion that this can help you unwind, take your mind off things, etc. But, many of us fail to notice that these habits can hurt us in getting the job done.

Realizing the fact that you might have a weakness is the biggest step towards improvement. Example – Alcohol might be able to facilitate your social life. But, binge drinking can become a habit. You might think that it is entirely normal. Instead, it might influence your decision making and can ruin your life. Once you know that you have a weakness, you have the power to rectify it.


2. Negativity

Have you ever planned something that could have bettered your skills or financial status, only to back off thinking that it won’t work? Well, Many people are subject to this kind of negativity and adverse thoughts. In today’s day and age, people have attained more freedom than they ever had. There is no point in thinking that you will fail because of the “it won’t work” thought. You won’t know until you give it a well planned and honest try.

A negative environment can arise from anywhere including your family and friends. This doesn’t mean you have to cut all ties loose with them. But a change in environment can do you a lot of good. Get a new hobby, learn a new language or start hanging out with people who share similar interests. Talking to new individuals can help in welcoming some new perspectives about life. Sometimes, this can help you push ahead and strive for success.


3. Closing Your Mind To New Ideas And Perspectives

Irrespective of how wiser we become as we get older, it is important to know that your understanding of something is not always entirely final. What may seem right at present can be proved wrong later. One thing that holds you back in life easily is a settled perspective or point of view. Note that your success doesn’t depend on the fact whether you are right all the time. If you want to strive for success or make progress in life, then you should discard the assumption that you already have all the answers needed. It is always wise to listen and learn from others. You should try and successfully work with others even if you may not agree with them about everything under the sun.

When people agree to disagree with respect, everyone can benefit from the different point of views.


4. Inability to Make a Plan and Stick to It

When you finally have a plan or schedule, the most difficult part is sticking to it. For Example – you wanted to improve your physique and decided to hit the gym. The program may involve exercising daily. But, many of us do it for the first couple of days and then skip a day thinking that we deserve a break.

This way, you will not be able to stick to a schedule. This might need a lot of your will power. But, once the change happens it will be worth the result. Thinking that you will rest today and work twice as much tomorrow won’t work. You are able, and you can do it now.


5. Your Comfort Zone

A popular comment surfacing online was that ‘in 2016, you cannot make a joke without offending someone’. Everyone has their comfort zones that include habits and beliefs. But, when you step out of it, it can result in panic attacks, anxiety, and denials that there is nothing good out there.

If you have the desire to change, let me assure you that there are a lot of good things out there. It may even include stuff which you are unheard off or never done before. It might be easier to retrieve and go back to your comfort zone and feel that you are outright lost. But, it’s okay because that is the only path to achieving personal progress.

No one gets to be the best at the very first try. Humanity has evolved through the trial and error method and without it, we wouldn’t be as advanced as we are today.


In short, certain habits prevent us from being happy and healthy. The world changes constantly, and it is important that we adapt according to the change to always remain on top. You will not find a perfect formula for a perfect life. So, instead of looking for that, try to keep yourselves challenged at every step you take in life. This way, you can come out of your comfort zone. If you do so, you will know that life has a beautiful meaning, and all your efforts are worth it.

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