5 Things You Must Do to Convey Your Personal Brand To Someone Who Doesn’t Yet Know You

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If you are a job seeker, you already know the challenges you face trying to get the attention of hiring managers for both your resume and you.  For the most part, we have to rely heavily on our resume or LinkedIn profile to bubble to the top and dazzle.

No matter how you magically attract the hiring manager to you, the challenges is to quickly and powerfully distinguish yourself.  You need to convey your personal brand to stand out and be memorable.


Use the Right Amount

You want to think about your Personal Brand like the seasoning to a meal. (Tweet this!)  The seasoning is the thing that transforms an entrée from plain to Italian or Greek.  As with seasonings, you can’t be heavy-handed.  You don’t pile on an herb without dire consequences, nor do you add such a small pinch that you have accomplished nothing.  Look for opportunities to inject a word or phrase throughout your job search tools.


Repetition Reinforces

With items like your resume and LinkedIn profile, you want to add words and phrases in multiple forms, several times that reflect your Personal Brand.  Repetition is how we learn and the reader of your information is essentially learning about you.


Word Usage & Creativity

The repetition you are going after is the Personal Branding concepts you want to convey but you must be cautious not to overuse any single word or phrase.  This becomes redundant and boring for the reader, who will quickly get lose interest and move on.  Let me give you an idea of how this might work.

Let’s say you want to convey that you are dynamic.  Dynamic is the sort of word that isn’t overused in general but is unique enough it’s easily remembered.  If you repeated the use of that word a few times in your resume, the reader would start losing focus and quickly dump your resume.  If you check the dictionary, you find the following words associated with “Dynamic”: vigorous, energetic, aggressive, assertive and forceful.  Any or all of those words could be used to help reinforce the idea that you are a dynamic person.  You can use different words to keep it interesting to read and still portray your Personal Branding idea.

You do frequently see a list of overused and meaningless words. (My personal pet peeve phrase is “people person”, seriously? What does that mean?)  I suggest that if you are working to strongly brand your job search materials, you find some of these lists so you can avoid the use of those words.


Consistency Everywhere, All the Time

Although your resume and LinkedIn profile is the main thing you need to stamp with your Personal Brand, you have other things you need to pay attention to in this process.  Everything that represents you must be consistent and in alignment with the picture you are portraying.  You never know what someone will look at to make a quick assessment about you.  Here are some of the additional things you need to pay attention to for portraying your Personal Branding:

  • Business cards
  • All social media
  • Your elevator speech

The items on this list don’t have enough space to allow you to portray much more than one Personal Branding idea.  That’s ok because you have to remember that the people that don’t know you will still learn a few things about your Personal Brand from one sentence.


Your Job Interview

We don’t always think about our job interview as a place to reinforce our Personal Brand, but what you say about yourself speaks volumes.  No one can guess what you bring to the party; you have to fold in your Personal Branding as you respond to various questions. The interview is more than just your qualifications; it’s about you as a person and future co-worker.

If you repeat your Personal Branding concepts across all of the various platforms you use and are consistent with everything a hiring manager reviews, you will be more than a piece of paper or a job title.  You will be a person they want working for them.

Brought to you by Dorothy Tannahill-Moran – dedicated to unleash your professional potential.

What are some areas of your Personal Brand that you’d like to work on? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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