5 tips to be more productive in office as a single mother

5 tips to be more productive in office as a single mother - Introvert Whisperer

Diapers, wipes, milk, sanitized feeders, toys, and cough syrups are probably all you think about throughout the day as a mother of an infant; and if your kids are slightly older you can add healthy food options, field trip fees, cuts and bruises, and new bicycles to that endless list. While being a parent is a major responsibility, it may sometimes even become more challenging when you are a single mother with the responsibility of providing for your children.


Although statistics reveal that more women are now employed in senior positions in large companies and are leading organizations, single mothers who head their households are still suffering in terms of income disparity and job opportunities.


The term, “Superwoman” is probably meant for ladies who have the courage, determination, and drive to juggle between giving their children a good life and also maintaining a fulfilling career.


So, while you juggle between buying diapers and scheduling important business meetings, it is natural to feel overwhelmed and you may also find yourself off track at times. However, keeping your daily productivity in check is nearly just as important as keeping that beautiful smile on your child’s face.


While you may think that your child’s smile is priceless (and it definitely is) and that your job can take a back seat, it still isn’t ethically correct to perform poorly at it. Therefore, here are a few tips to keep you upbeat during work and make your life easier.


1. Do difficult things first


With so much to do, you may feel like saving the difficult things for the last and beginning your day with easy assignments. This may be specifically so when you have just had a full-fledged argument with your preschooler about going to school and want to relax for a couple of hours before tackling difficult office work.


However, the bigger and more difficult tasks will continue to linger on your thoughts, even while you try to relax, and will prevent you from easing up throughout the day.


Hence, it’s a good idea to take a stab at the bigger and more difficult tasks that you are dreading first and get them out of the way. In fact, if you do them before you move onto the easier tasks, you are very likely to be more productive at work and get a lot more done.


So, make a list. Organize yourself. Put bigger and more difficult tasks on priority. Do them first. Move onto smaller and easier things second. Accomplish more in your day. It really is as simple as that.



2. Give yourself a break


This is obviously easier said than done but it is definitely not impossible. In order to properly function at work, it is very important for single mothers to find some ‘me time’ for themselves and try to do something that they like. This can be taking a walk in the park, pampering yourself at a nearby salon, buying yourself new clothes, or going for that tango class you always wanted to attend. If you need more inexpensive options, you can simply watch a movie, read a book, or catch up on a conversation with a friend to give yourself a breather.


The point is that it is very important to relax and let your stress level settle down in order to go to work recharged and with a clearer head. Solitude will allow you to develop a stronger perception as it will stop your brain from processing new information and allow it to effectively file all the information you have collected throughout the days/ weeks/ years! It will also give you a chance to discover more about yourself, be more efficient, and set your priorities right.


For this reason, make sure you spend some time alone whenever possible. You also can give yourself this down time when your children are asleep or when they are busy in other activities.



3. Meditate


Meditation can help immensely when you need to reduce anxiety, deal with stress, and relax your muscles. However, it is not as simple as closing your eyes and breathing in and out. If you are familiar with the right method to meditate, go for it; but if you are not, then log onto YouTube or search the Internet for an appropriate guide to help you out.


What will this do? Meditation increases the blood circulation in your brain, improves memory and focus, gives you tons of energy, and also slows down your aging process. It also helps improve your planning capacity, gives a boost to your creativity, and effectively recharges you.


Usually, meditating for ten minutes to half an hour a day is enough and you can surely spare this insignificant amount of time for yourself.


However, make sure you do it correctly and concentrate on the process rather than rushing through it. What’s more, this will also enable you to keep calm with the kids and remain vigilant and vivacious at work.



4. Workout


A rigorous workout definitely boosts your energy level and increases your stamina for physical activity throughout the day. Moreover, working out can help you stay fit and healthy, keep you upbeat and happy, and also helps clear your head of any negativity.


If you do not have the time to go to the gym, you can easily begin your workout at home. Do a certain number of push-ups, sit-ups, and stomach crunches every day and also set a goal for the number of laps that you are going to run.


To achieve the best results and make your workout sessions worthwhile, stay away from junk food and fizzy drinks. Add vegan protein to your diet in order to maintain a healthy diet plan and to remain strong.


Devise a schedule and try to fit in at least an hour a day for your exercise routine. Afterward, you can relax and sip on a cup of herbal green tea to soothe your nerves.



5. Restrict the use of social media


Social media is rather distracting and can waste a lot of precious time. Hence, if you have children who need your attention and a career which you need to excel in, you better restrict the time you spend on social media.


Flipping through your newsfeed a few times a day is not so bad and would potentially not be detrimental to your productivity at work. But, if you are constantly uploading pictures of every single “special” moment that you and your children share, or are stalking people every time you check your newsfeed, there might be a problem.


Moreover, extra information in your head regarding what is happening in everybody else’s life is simply too much clutter and single mothers with promising careers require a clear vision and clutter-free brains. They already have tons to think about as is.


Therefore, increase your productivity by limiting the time you spend on social media. At most, allocate an hour to social media and do all the chatting, uploading, updating that you need to do during this time span, and then focus solely on your job and children.



If you remain organized and take good care of yourself, you can easily manage being a single mother with a demanding career.  Being a working woman is rewarding but being a mother is even more so, so cherish both essential parts of your life and make the most of them!




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