5 Ways to Enjoy Your Differences With Others

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As you know, I do focus on Introverts but more than that I’m all about helping people find ways of being professionally successful and loving your work. (The two go together) A big part of your success is your interactions with the people you work with and that entails accommodating various personalities and work styles.

When it comes to diversity and tolerance, it seems the next thing we need to work on is our attitude toward people whose personality doesn’t mesh well with our own. The standard response when a co-worker’s behavior doesn’t work for us, is to think something is wrong with them. To take it one step further, we often think their behavior is designed to drive us crazy or somehow directed at us.


If this reaction sounds familiar to you, I’d like to give you something to think about.

It may be time to change your perspective.


First, most people have the same desires in life as you do.


They want to enjoy their work and get paid a reasonable wage, hit life milestones like relationships and homes while having some fun experiences along the way. They wake up each day with the hope that all of those things go well. The behavior each one of us has is rarely conscious, as it’s a result of years of response to various situations that we have encountered. In other words, very few people are consciously aware of their actions. This means that this irritating person is giving you little to no thought so there is no reason for you to think their behavior is directed at you – most of the time.


Second, people quickly get into patterns with each other, even if it’s dysfunctional.


The best way to get someone to interact differently with you is for YOU to change your response and interactions with him or her. You’d be surprised at how very little change is required to completely change the dynamics of a relationship with someone.


Third, if you want to improve how you work with someone, you have to be the one to adjust.


You can’t hope someone will change; it has to be you first.


Fourth, take a more neutral point of view.


Your personality is not right or wrong; it simply is what it is. The same is true for the other person. It’s like saying something is wrong with that person because of their eye color. Eye color isn’t right or wrong, there are simply differences. Explore the differences and figure out how to maximize the other person.



Fifth, dare I say this? Try loving others, especially the ones that are more challenging to love.


The world will be a better place if you do.

I realize I have issued a challenge but then, life is a challenge and people make it worthwhile.




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