5 Ways to get Your Point Across as an Introvert

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Being an introvert might make it more difficult to get your point across from time to time. So, you might just have to focus on becoming even better at delivering a powerful message than the rest.


Get Straight to the Point

These tips aren’t really for introverts only. They are good tips for anyone. But as an introvert, one might benefit even more from these tips. So, let’s cut right to the chase: How do you deliver a powerful message?


The first step is to get to the point and get there fast. Let’s say that again: “Just get straight to the point”. That’s what it’s all about. Why would you try getting your point across in any other way than just saying your point out loud? Try asking yourself this question, especially when you prepare a speech or presentation.


All too often we wrap our points up in intellectual reasonings that frankly confuse more than clarify. Please, keep this in mind, especially if your listeners have different backgrounds. Plain English is just fine.


Explain Why

Once you have put the point out there, it’s time to start explaining. Now, you can use all those “asking questions”-words. Like, “How, Why, When, Who, What”. You don’t need to keep talking forever, just back up your point with some reasons. Try think of what questions people might ask about what you just said when you introduced your point.



Thirdly, come the examples and illustrations. This is where you want to add more “colour” to your presentation. If you have any stories to tell, any real life examples, or analogies to illustrate your point, here is where to put them.


Bonus tips:

If you don’t know how to start preparing, try thinking about how others might ask questions to what you said, or what they would like to have clarified.


Stop Speaking

When it’s over, it’s over. Then you can stop. So, When is it over, again?

  1. Present the point
  2. Explain the point
  3. Illustrate the point (with examples)
  4. Stop


This 3 point list is all you need to remember to turn your possibly awkward speech into a great speech. When it’s over, you don’t need to try and fill the time by talking. Now, you can let others get a word in, ask for opinions, etc.. That’s all. Let’s keep it simple.


Body Language

Illustrating confidence and calmness through your body language is a good way to get and keep your listeners’ attention. But the point we want to make here is pretty simple, really. Don’t focus too much on what to do, how to stand, etc.. Just make it easy on yourself. If at all possible try and be comfortable.


Otherwise, just try and not take the focus away from what you are saying. Body language and gestures can be useful to underline your point, but if it doesn’t come naturally to you, you might just be better off skipping it. Suddenly, you find yourself fiddling with your hands or something else that takes the focus away from what you’re saying.


Just keep it all clear and simple. My guess is that it will be great!


About the Author:

Fredrik Farstad – Writer at NEMPD-magazine

Link: http://unemployed.men/2016/09/18/feeling-lost/


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