5 Ways to Tell if You’re a Bad Boss and What To Do Instead

5 Ways to Tell if You’re a Bad Boss and What To Do Instead - Introvert Whisperer

If you are managing people, you know how tough it can be.  You’re balancing the business goals and the demands of your job, along with the people you’re responsible for.  You know the jokes about bad bosses and quite frankly, you haven’t given any thought about whether or not that might be you.


Let’s see if a quick wakeup call might compel you into caring about what kind of boss you are.   


Impact of being a bad boss:


  • Lack of productivity. The biggest issue you face is keeping your employees productive.  You probably never really gave it any thought. People will not only be seriously productive, but they will go the extra mile to perform when they are in a well-managed environment.
  • Turnover. Many managers simply think turnover comes with the game.  The issue is that you will also take a productivity hit every time you lose a trained employee.  By the time you hire a new person and get them trained, you’re looking at 4-5 months before you can expect to start seeing good output.  Time to rethink what you think about turnover.
  • You. If you’re a bad boss you probably know it at some level.  Your workers are most likely miserable and there is no way you can be impervious to that condition.  The list of impact to you at both a personal and professional level is a long one.


This means it doesn’t pay to be a bad boss.  Here are 5 ways to tell if you are one and if so, what you should do about it:


  1. Do you truly understand what managing really means?  Most bad bosses aren’t bad because they choose to be, they simply don’t understand how to be in charge of others.  Consider taking some basic managing classes and seek out a mentor who is a good model of managing.  
  2. Can you detect descent, eye rolling or other signs that your employees don’t think well of you?   You should look for signs that there is a big chasm between you and them.  Your aim is to gain mutual respect.  If they don’t respect you, they will leave at the first opportunity and won’t perform to their maximum potential while they are working for you.
  3. Are you paranoid about your employee’s agenda?  Some bad bosses think that the employees are out to undermine them and make them look bad.  If this is you, you have a huge problem.  You may need to call in a consultant to overhaul both you and your group dynamics.
  4. Do you encourage open communication and even disagreement?  A sign of a bad boss is that they don’t want employees to openly discuss or question their direction. People will execute better if they have a chance to fully understand by discussion and perspective.
  5. Do you think you don’t need to improve?  If you’ve gotten to a point where you have done this long enough, you may think this is a good as it gets.  Not true. Up your game, everyone will benefit.


One of the biggest reasons people don’t like their jobs is because of the dynamics with the boss.  Make it your goal to not be in those statistics.  You can be the thing that will make a difference between a good day at work or a bad one.  You will benefit in the long run if you are good at managing people.


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