5 Wise Tips When Pursuing the Career of Your Dreams

5 Wise Tips When Pursuing the Career of Your Dreams - Introvert Whisperer

If you loved the work you do now, you likely wouldn’t be so keen to leave it behind to follow your passion.


According to Forbes, more than half of all workers today would love to give their notice and do something they could truly enjoy.


So why don’t they? Why don’t more people wave goodbye to their 9-to-5 and head off for a rendezvous with their dream career? This is a great question and one that will likely produce different answers depending on who you ask.


But here, it doesn’t matter what other unhappy people decide whether to stay or go. What matters is what YOU decide to do. You only live once, so why not go for it and spend your career years pursuing the kind of work you love!


It may not be easy, but it sure will be worth it, and these five wise tips will help you along the way.


Tip 1: “No regrets” is ALWAYS worth the work involved.


One thing that likely keeps many unhappy workers glued to their dismal desks is the ever-present threat of failure. In fact, many unhappy workers say one of their greatest fears is layoffs!


This will never be you once you decide to pursue the career of your dreams. However, there is no guarantee you will succeed, either. This is why being an entrepreneur requires bravery. You are an adult, launching a new venture with your eyes wide open to both the potential risks and the possible rewards.


Most importantly, you are an adventurer through life who is determined not to ever be haunted by the dreadful “what ifs.” You are not the one who will spend their final days wondering what your life would have been like if only you had tried that-thing-you-never-tried.


So while there is no guarantee of success, there is absolutely a guarantee of personal growth, self-empowerment, newfound wisdom and courage, increased resilience, unexpected wonders and a whole new way of looking at the world that can only be yours when you take the reins of your own life.


Tip 2: You calling the shots turns the “Whys?” Into “Why Nots!”


Maybe you used to be (or are now) one of those restless, dissatisfied, frustrated workers who looks at your company’s upper management and thinks how differently you would do things if you were in their shoes.


Now, in choosing to pursue the career of your dreams, you are freeing yourself to do those things differently!


For instance, if you want to partner with a local school or charity to produce stadium blankets for student fundraising or young people in need, you don’t need to run your idea by anyone but yourself to get approval. You can do good AND advance your career and feel really good about doing it.


In the same way, you are free to partner, collaborate and co-create with like-minded others, sharing your followers and creating more success for everyone involved. When your attitude turns from a fear-based “why?” to a brave and adventurous “why not!” anything becomes possible.


Tip 3: Avoid skeptics like the plague.


If your best friend told you she was super sick with the flu, you probably wouldn’t beg to go over there and see her, right?


When you decide to really go for it and pursue your dream career, it is well worth treating anyone who is a skeptic or outright pessimist like they are covered in flu germs.


It really just isn’t worth it to spend time with people who will – knowingly or unwittingly – undercut your courage right at a moment when you are at both your most hopeful and you’re most vulnerable.


Otherwise, well, sometimes skeptics do have a point. Well, yes, that is risky. Of course, you might fail. Yup, it is expensive to buy supplies and maintain an inventory and build a website and do marketing and print business cards. Sure, you are using your whole life savings to pursue your dream career.


But you know what? That is why not everyone does it! The ones who don’t do it will never know the joy and triumph of realizing that you can actually earn a living doing what you love. The ones who not only don’t do it themselves but tell others they can’t do it either will never know they are wrong.


And these are not the folks you want to keep company with anyway. You – the soon-to-be-success – need and deserve to surround yourself with other dreamers and brave doers like you. So (at the risk of overusing an already overused cliche), just do it!


Tip 4: Stay flexible – always.


If you start out pursuing what you think is your dream career and one day get waylaid by your real dream career while en route, you won’t be the first or the last.


Sometimes you think you know what you really want and you are right. And sometimes what you think you want is just a pale imitation of something else you encounter during the journey.


Either way, it is critical to stay flexible during your adventures. If you discover something that is clearly a better fit, jump on it. After all, that is why you started out on this journey in the first place, isn’t it?


Tip 5: It is fine to keep your current life and pursue your dream too.


Maybe you are no longer single, childless and footloose – and overall, you are happy about that. But you still have unfulfilled dreams tugging at you anyway.


This is okay. In fact, it is more than okay. You can still pursue your dreams.


It might take a bit longer or require more strategizing, but if you look closely enough, you can find a way to, bit by bit, day after day, pursue your dream career while keeping what you love about your current life too.


Mori V. Brockbank is a high school counselor by morning, a volleyball coach by day, and a motivational/sports blogger by night. Her passion for empowering and strengthening others flows within her work and writing.


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