6 Things I can do when I’m bored at Work


It’s one thing to be in a job that moves fast and has a certain amount of stress but when you’re bored at work that is something else entirely.  A boring job means that you don’t have enough mental stimulation to keep you and your mind active.    The days drag on forever and eventually, you feel like you’re going nowhere.  What do you do when your work has become too routine making it boring, uninteresting and something you dread going to?


There are some things you can do to kick it up a notch and get reignited by what you do each day – but more than likely you’re going to have to be the one to make that happen.  Here are some tips for turning boring into brilliant:


  • Improve things.  In most businesses, many things can stand to be improved.  Improvement can mean anything from a more efficient and faster way of getting something done all the way to automating something that was done manually.  Pick out a couple of things that could stand to be done better and be the champion for improvement.
  • Change your routine.  Certainly, there may be some tasks that have to be completed at a certain time but many things can shift based on your own schedule.  Figure out a different timing.  Look to see if you could do certain things once a week versus daily and if not weekly then at a different frequency.
  • Ask to do more.  Chances are if you’re bored, you don’t have enough to keep you working all day.  Look around to see if someone needs to offload their work to lighten the load or look for something that might be neglected that you could do.
  • Learn new things.  There are functions in your business you may know little about.  Take it upon yourself to go learn what those functions are.  In the process, you may pick up a new skill or be positioned to take on some new activities.  You might also look into taking a class to learn new skills that would be useful in your company.
  • Trade jobs.  You might work in an area where each person has a related position and work to do.  Check out these other jobs and suggest to a peer that you might trade jobs for a quarter simply to give the work you do a fresh set of eyes.  You will most likely need to run this by the boss but if you work out the details, it makes agreement easier to get to.  No matter how similar your jobs are, they will still be different enough to give you some mental stimulation.  Who knows, you might find it really interesting?
  • Go the extra mile.  I’ve seen employees be bored and they can easily become lazy.  Don’t let that be you.  Anytime you are asked to do something, see what else you can do to help the person that asked.  Add value beyond the request.  This way you won’t slip into laziness and you will find trying to figure out how to go above and beyond almost like a game.


You can’t rely on the boss to turn boring into anything better.  You have to do it for yourself.  You know your work better than anyone else and because you do, you can turn that boring job into interesting.  The bonus to your effort is that people who take initiative are usually rewarded.


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