6 Types of Toxic CEOs You DON’T Want to Be


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Landing the top job as Chief Executive Officer is a lofty goal for many businesspeople. With power, stratospheric salaries and international influence on offer, the position of CEO is hugely attractive to many.

But successfully captaining a company requires strong qualities of leadership, cooperation, wisdom and vision. It’s a big ask for a big job, and that particular combination can be hard to come by, even with years of education and experience.

A brief look at business headlines shows that the CEO dream is often more complicated than we’d like to think. When a chief executive loses perspective, gets caught up in the perks of the job or lacks capability for the necessary clear-sighted, decisive decision-making, cracks begin to appear.

How do some CEOs set themselves and their companies up for failure? Take a look at the six types of CEOs you never want to become:

Toxic CEOs
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Have you dealt with any of these CEOs? What’s your best survival tip? Share it with us in the comments!

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