6 Ways to Achieve Career Growth

6 Ways to Achieve Career Growth - Introvert Whisperer

All too often when the discussion about career growth rolls around, most people think in terms of promotion to management. While taking a management position can signify career growth, it isn’t the only possibility.

Career growth is really all about your ability to learn new things and apply them. That learning curve, just like going to school, means you increase the depth and complexity of knowledge about your work. It is like the difference between grade school and high school.

Career growth is important to us all because as the pesky humans we are, we get bored easily, and boredom is created when there is nothing new to stimulate our thinking. Boredom can easily turn to job dissatisfaction, which should be avoided at all costs.

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Here are some ways to create career growth:

1. Take classes
You may think since you graduated your brain is as full as it needs to be. Wrong. Now that you are in an actual work setting, you will discover many things to enhance how you do your work or to prepare you for the next step. There is a class for everything from computer applications to how to communicate more effectively.

2. Ask for new assignments
You might even suggest some tasks that you would like or that are in need of attention. Learning a new task expands your qualifications for doing new jobs.

3. Become an expert
 All groups usually have a person who is the definitive expert at something. They spend time learning all they can about that one thing and when you ask them a question – they either know the answer or can get it better than any other person. As the “go-to” person your learning continues, because people will seek you out for help in solving the big, complex issues.

4. Read
You should be reading about your company regarding such things as the business direction, business results, and market strategies. Knowing these things will give you an idea of where you fit. Also, reading is a good way to increase your learning; and just like classes, you can find a book that will apply to all situations and challenges you might be facing.

5. Change jobs
 When you change jobs, you go through another learning curve; and that continues to expand your professional knowledge base. You also become more valuable because you’ve expanded your skills.

6. Look for improvements
All businesses have more challenges and work than they have man-power to tackle. You can easily look around your own department and find many things you could work on that would help the overall company. You need to ensure that what you are doing still allows you to perform all your assigned responsibilities. Pick out things that will cause you to learn something new in the process.

Career growth is primarily about expanding your knowledge and skills. When you are continuously increasing your capabilities, there is usually an offsetting reward of pay and promotion at some point. Even without those financial rewards, you will feel better about yourself and your future.



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