7 Benefits of Introverts at Work

7 Benefits of Introverts at Work - Introvert Whisperer

Introverts can be characterized by being quiet (Cain, 2012), timid or even shy. Depending on some personal traits, they can be overlooked sometimes together with their contributions. On the other hand, Extroverts are known to get attention as compared to Introverts who get things or stuff done. Carl Jung, the psychologist brought about the difference between the two regarding energy gains. The major difference between the two regarding personalities is that extroverts are known to gain energy via interaction with other people whereas Introverts gain energy by time only or sometimes with friends or small groups. Below are some benefits of introverts at work:


1. They are great listeners

This is said to be one of the core strengths of introverts. This is because they are more comfortable listening than just holding court in the process of a conversation. They also tend to think more about what one is saying which they use to influence their input. In the workplace, they are highly beneficial because they are creative and also easily absorb insight and knowledge which makes the progress in their careers or work given (Symanowitz, 2014). In most cases, they are very attentive to those in senior positions whereby they identify opportunities for growth in future.


2. Leaders can rely on them

Good listening skills are part of the tools that help in building trust as well as respect in a workplace. Most of the introverts are given power since they can be trusted when it comes to instructions or orders being given that should guide a certain process or procedure. This trust and role-playing lead to further promotion in high positions within an organization.


3. They make thoughtful and open-minded Leaders

There is a perception by many people, that introverts do not make good leaders, which is very untrue. Those with introverted personalities are known to, first of all, think well and outside the box during the process of developing strategies, making decisions, bringing innovative ideas or even during the recruitment of staff members at the workplace.


4. They are good at error correction

Introverts are good when it comes to taking some considerable feedback in terms of work performance. They are also said to have a self-reflective mindset which makes them process the information quickly and then turn action steps that are vital for their own personal development. Such a mindset helps them to excel when performing some corrections on their own errors since they these mistakes are taken seriously once highlighted. They then get committed to reverse the errors openly since they consider mistakes to be inescapable elements of humankind.


5. Introverts make considered decisions

Whether one is a leader or not, there are chances that one day he or she make decisions during the professional life. Most people to criticize introverts due to the fact that they over-analyze decisions to those points where they paralysis their thoughts. The fact is that introverts have the capacity to provide due consideration on all aspects of a decision which can be of great benefit to businesses. Most people with this kind of personality believe that the processing done inner is vital when making a decision and that’s why they resist any suggestions from those who need a quick process (Stephens-Craig, 2015).


6. They are empathetic employees

Generally, most of the introverts boast having a high level of self-awareness and are also very sensitive when it comes to the needs of those around. They are known to capitalize much on this by simply being themselves and also showing some considerations to teammates, colleagues, and employers.


7. They enjoy professional connections

Due to the fact that we are all in the digital era whereby most professional networks are run single line introductions, it is understood that most of the introverts are looking for in depth as well as meaningful connections which drive genuine understanding. This tends to be beneficial for introverts in the workplace whereby some relationships based on trust and knowledge can stand out with large levels of collaboration.


In conclusion, the above-explained are some of the known benefits of introverts at the workplace. Irrespective of the personality, one can be a good decision maker, i.e., whether an introvert or extrovert.


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Bryan Dough is a Social Media Strategist based in Melbourne, Australia. Bryan has worked with few of the leading consumer brands to build and deliver their social media campaigns, one of which is www.dreamjobs.lk. While being passionate about discovering the latest tactics and strategies in social media, Bryan enjoys spending his spare time going for a hike in the Mornington Peninsula. A beautiful area off from Bayside in Melbourne.



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