7 Promotion Strategies That Work

“You have to think anyway...so why not

You have to think anyway…so why not think big.” Donald Trump

Most people don’t begin working in the hope that they stay in the same position at the same level for the next 40 years. It’s okay to admit you have ambitions and most of the time that means a promotion and more pay.

Yet, most people don’t think through what it really takes to get promoted. Most people think all it takes is “doing a good job”. It would be nice if that’s all there was to getting promoted. (I do realize for some people a good job would be a huge improvement)

No, doing a job well and hitting or exceeding your performance expectations is necessary but it’s not enough to yield a promotion in most places. Let’s look at some things you could be doing to set you up a promotion:


#1 – Perform well.
Yes, I did mention that performing well is not enough but you do have to perform well or the rest of what is outlined will be a waste of your time.

#2 – Perform at the next level.

One thing no one will tell you is that if you can’t demonstrate that you can perform at the next level, you won’t be considered for the promotion. This means you can’t expect anyone to tell you what to do. You must go after work that will showcase your abilities at the next level you are seeking. Oh, and if you don’t know what that is, you have work to do.

#3- Enlist management in your plan.

You should absolutely disclose and engage your management in your goals. They play a very big role in this process. You need to get their input on things you could be doing as well as updating them on your progress. One very important aspect to their participation is that your manager will become more invested in you reaching your promotion goal because of the role they play.

#4- Self-promote.

If you don’t, who will? You don’t have to be obnoxious, but you do need to ensure your management is made aware of your results and accomplishments. Creating visibility for you can be as simple as injecting a well-placed word and doing updates.

#5- Seek out a mentor.

We all need someone who isn’t the boss or BFF to give us good feedback and advice. If you don’t have someone as a mentor, pick out someone minimally at the next level or higher. You want someone who can help you figure out the organizational dynamics and how to maximize your efforts without sugar coating the truth. It’s also possible they can be an advocate of yours when the time comes. There is no downside in a mentor to help you in your career.

#6- Ask for tasks or projects.

Another way to gain the visibility you need is to ask to take on specific responsibilities or a project. You can also ask to do vacation fill in for a person who is at that next level to give you hands-on experience. Make sure whatever you DO get assigned is flawlessly executed.


#7 – Learn to be a leader.
Being a leader is not a position; it’s an approach to how you work. You should read more about the characteristics of a great leader, but they simply are: – takes responsibility – communicates openly & frequently – looks to the future – sees what’s possible – enrolls others and inspires others to do more. When you have these traits consistently, your path will be clear.


Go ahead. Get promoted and make more money. You’ll discover it’s not that hard but remarkably few people will do what is outlined here. That’s good news for you because you’ll be THE rock star!


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