7 Reasons Introverts Are Good at Writing Which Is Good for Their Career

7 Reasons Introverts Are Good at Writing Which Is Good for Their Career - Introvert Whisperer

It’s a well-established fact that writing is good for a person’s career. From communicating through email to being able to market and present yourself well, writing is essential. There’s no end of benefits that come from writing, especially now that social media posts are now such an important part of modern business. What many people don’t realize is that introverts are naturally inclined towards writing, not solely because it gives you a lot of time to spend alone and reflect.


1.       It’s Less Intimidating than Speaking


For many introverts, being the center of attention is a total nightmare. You may find public speaking a bit of a nightmare, and you may not enjoy talking on the phone and dealing with unpredictable issues. Writing, however, gives an introvert a safe and quiet space where they can deal with everyone, and they can do so over email. This means that you can put your foot down on certain points, showcase how knowledgeable you are, and prove that you’re a great employee, without the panic that comes from speaking up in public. You can use Language Tool to check the work is well done, and you can also find some great advice on Paper Fellows regarding how to write for business.


2.      You Appear Credible


If you’re introverted, you may seem quiet and some people will incorrectly assume that you potentially don’t speak up because you’re not sure of yourself. Writing helps you show that this is not the case at all, and it can give you a platform to showcase your knowledge. Being grammatically perfect also makes you look more credible and professional, and you can check on your work with Easy Word Count grammar checker or even from reviewing a grammar guide such as Quick Books.

3.      You Have Time to Reflect


We all know that we should think before we speak, but by writing, an introvert can make sure that they have thoughtfully produced every piece of work, that it’s fact-checked and in line with company policy, there are no accidental mistakes. If you need to be authoritative, you can use referencing tools like Cite It In or have an editor at Write my essay test your work.


4.      You’re Aware of Your Surroundings


An introvert won’t lose their cool and respond to someone too casually, or make it clear that they’re annoyed with a customer. They’ll always be aware they’re at work, and will maintain a professional attitude. If you want to be sure that you’re writing properly for business, you can use Custom essay. Introverts are less distracted by office chatter, and don’t get as bored and distracted when they’re working alone as some extroverts.


5.      Introverts Enjoy Some Alone Time


Jobs that require a lot of writing are ideal for introverts as you have a lot of time to sit alone and work quietly. While a lot of people are wary of office politics, introverts are also happy to stay away from the gossip by the water cooler too, and instead, will happily read a guide like Grammar Presentation and thoroughly check their work.

6.      Introverts Are Good Listeners


There’s no doubt that introverts provide awesome customer service because they will really listen to the customer and do what they can to respond properly. Plus, a lot of introverts are actually fairly creative, and so not only can they provide good answers, they can also often come up with creative solutions to problems when given a chance. Having the freedom to write responses or plans or new ideas can really exhibit just how much an introvert has absorbed since they started working somewhere. Through paying attention, and taking in everything that’s gone on around you, you actually probably have a much better idea of how things work, and how to produce certain tasks and assignments.


7.      Introverts Often Enjoy Writing


While some people may enjoy art or public presenting, a lot of introverts actually enjoy sitting at a keyboard and writing. This is great, as it means they can enjoy their job, and happy staff consistently perform better. You may still want to use sources such as Essay service as a grammar resource to make sure writing is perfect.


Any introverts at work should be aware of exactly how their writing skills can help advance their career, and should also know that writing is a great way to appear more professional and competent at work.


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