7 Reasons why Introverts and Leadership Skills Make the Best Mix

7 Reasons why Introverts and Leadership Skills Make the Best Mix - Introvert Whisperer
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  • January 17, 2018

A common perception about great leaders is that they possess the excellent socializing skills. If this is so, then introverts who have an inherent shy nature should never opt for a leadership position. But the facts are quite contrary to the mainstream perspective. Introverts have certain traits that essentially make charismatic leaders.


Yes, people who find it hard to come out of their comfort zone have too much to offer as a source of inspiration.


Let’s have a look at what is so common between introverts’ traits and leadership skills.


1. Introverts are Profound Thinkers

Introverts are more able in a position to perform an in-depth analysis. They don’t stick to what seems floating on the surface. Their solitude and habit of staying away from the crowd offers them a chance to consider all the aspects of any subject matter. Such an ability to think makes them a rational decision maker. Hence, they don’t end up making a wrong move, as they are not quickly overwhelmed by emotions.


2. They are good listeners 

Now, many of you would raise a question why a leader should bother about what others have to say. Well, it is necessary. To avoid the conflict and satisfy the concerns of all the stakeholders, a good leader must be familiar with what is bothering others. Such an insight into the hearts and minds of the fellow-beings is possible only when a person is a good listener. The ability of introverts to listen to their peer makes them analyze where they are coming from.


3. They Keep Calm 

Keeping a calm and not losing a composure is way much necessary, especially in a time of crises. Making noise when a calamity hits closes the doors and hence the chances of any exit. Introverts who are usually habitual of staying cool, don’t lose their temper and therefore come up with some solution. In this way, they become in a position to take a decisive action that might be the need of the time.


4. They are open to the ideas 

Creativity takes birth in a diverse environment. Inclusiveness and appreciation of diversity are possible only when a leader is open to the views of his followers. As introverts are good listeners, so they give space to what others have to say. In this way, they evaluate the opinions of others and filter the best one to move ahead. Openly embracing the idea is one of the essential ingredients for high performing teams, it is not limited to leaders only.


5. They serve as a source of inspiration 

A leader has to be much relatable to an ordinary man, but at the same times, he must have something unique. An extrovert who socialize too much fail to leave an impact; this is because they unfold all the aspects of their personality on their opponents. In this way, they might not succeed in leaving an impression. Introverts who often appear a mysterious person are more likely to invite attention from the followers. Further, if they come up with some good solutions, they emerge as a good source of inspiration.


6. They Talk only Meaningful Things 

As introverts don’t talk too much, they tend to engage in meaningful conversations. Such a trait is essential for leaders who have a burden of making tough decisions. Speaking to the point leads a person to the right track and prevents the chances of confusion.


7. They are serious about meeting the goals 

Even extroverts do not always show a casual attitude towards the tasks they are meant to accomplish. But, introverts are more likely to work with a consistent behavior. This is because they hardly tend to choose something that might be a waste of time, or adopted in a hurry. Their ability to stick to something can make their followers to achieve the set goals.


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John Elijah works at HoursTV.com and loves to write on career development and self-improvement topics. As an introvert, he has a keen interest in writing on developing soft skills to climb the corporate ladder and achieve great success.

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