7 Success Strategies for Highly Sensitive People

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Often ignored, dubbed, and overlooked- Highly Sensitive People (HSP) struggle to match with others. It’s not that I am singing a sympathy song for HSPs, but being one of them, I agree that every minute throws a new challenge on us (at least till the time we realize how to channelise this QUALITY in a better way).

Yes, it’s indeed a QUALITY.

So if you, too, are among those and feel bad about being sensitive, take it from me that it’s a quality. And not something to be ashamed of or worried about. Also, it’s not a disorder. HSPs are as normal as the other 80 percents. It has been estimated that only 20% of the people have a nervous system that processes with extreme sensitivity.

My article, definitely, neither talks against the HSPs, nor treats them like emotionally challenged individuals. Rather, here I am going to talk about a few strategies that’ll help in uplifting such people to their maximum potential.

So, check out these tips and choose the ones you wish to keep as your success strategy.

Happy reading. :)



  1. Acknowledge and Empower Your Sensitivity


There are a lot of people, including me, who have spent half of their lives denying that they are sensitive. But, believe me, this is not the solution.

Say ‘Yes.’

Consent to your sensitivity and find out ways to use it in a better way.

Looking away will not help. Confront it and discover tactics to use your sensitivity in a positive way. Irrespective of how obvious it seems to dampen your sensitivity (when we are only 20% of the total), step ahead and empower your sensitivity. Accept it yourself before you want others to take it.

Treat it as a gift and embrace it.

Take this test to find out if you are a highly sensitive person or not.


  1. Choose Your Job Wisely

Ah! You must be thinking what’s the strategy in this?

Everyone chooses their job wisely then what is different for HSPs?

Why do they have to be more vigilant while selecting a job?

Well, there is a reason.

It has been proven that HSPs are no less in talent and creativity. But, the difference occurs in the way they do a job. Unlike others, HSPs perform better in isolation. They come out with better performance when working alone. In fact, their performance declines, considerably, if they are poked continuously.

It is due to high sensitivity, they are more panicked while meeting deadlines or working in restrictions.

So, look for the jobs where there isn’t anyone continuously looking over your shoulder. Jobs like blogging, photography, research, and computer programming are among the best jobs for highly sensitive persons.


  1. Smile- Make it Your Brand Manifestation


This simple gesture brings in positivity to our minds and bodies. Moreover, smiling makes you look approachable, social, positive, and upbeat. And, being an HSP, you direly need these qualities if working in an environment that includes a lot of interactions and gatherings.

So, as I said make it your brand manifestation. Even if it does not make you more social, it will certainly make others feel comfortable in your company.



  1. Revive Your Mental and Physical Strength


You know it, I know it, and everyone knows it that a healthy body incorporates a healthy mind.

And when your mental and physical health are at boon, you certainly become more productive as an individual and as a resource.

So, other than channelising your sensitivity, work on your physical and mental health as well. Maintain a healthy schedule, work on your body, groom your personality, and keep a check on what you eat.



  1. Beware of Your Self – Talk

HSPs are more influenced by self-talk. Your belief about yourself determines your pace of growth. Always keep a note on the way you talk to yourself.

For instance- If you continue to believe that your ability to be highly sensitive is a disorder, you will become its victim.

It’s true we become what we think and talk about ourselves.

So, watch your self-talk while determining what your beliefs are. Think positive about yourself, stay confident, and trust your abilities. Appreciate your strengths and work on your weaknesses (without feeling pity about them). Nothing is unattainable if you believe it to be so.



  1. Don’t Be Too Harsh on Yourself


First of all, adhere to the fact that there’s no such thing as MISTAKE. You either win or lose. But in both the cases, you gain an experience. And whatever you do, learning experiences are imperative.

Don’t be stringent on yourself. Focus on learning and not on mistakes. Making mistakes proves that you are learning. And learning ensures growth.

So, don’t thrash yourself. Instead, embrace your mistakes and learn from them.



  1. Cut Off With the People Who Drain Your Energy


Always focus on keeping your aura positive. Being sensitive, you easily get influenced by the people around you. So, make sure you are with ones who uplift you.

And as Wayne Dyer says- “Some people exude negative energy because of their lifestyle, friends and thinking habits. They could be sending it out all the time or just part of the time. To the degree that you are sensitive and porous, being around these people will actually make you sick.”

Choose your company wisely and disconnect from all the sources of negativity in your life. Because, the more you are exposed to such things and people, the more you’ll squander your energy on the efforts to stand high and positive.


Author Bio-

Shradha krishali is presently working as a content writer at edunuts.com. She writes about topics related to education, personality enhancement, and career development. Also, she aims to simplify everyday things with her writing.

You can follow her on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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