7 Times Using a Salary Calculator Can Get you Ahead in Your Career

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First, a salary calculator is much more than a resource that is designed to tell you how much you should be earning based on your experience, field, and education. It is a knowledge base that you can use to get some great perspective when you are considering a career change, trying to determine  your marketability, looking into the job outlook in a certain area, or trying to move up in your own business.


In fact, the information that you can get from a salary calculator is so important that it would be foolish to consider any kind of career change without using one. If nothing else, your knowledge will help you to ensure that you are not at an unfair disadvantage when it comes to career negotiations.


There are many effective salary calculators. These include the following:


Each of these calculators requires slightly different information. However, we found that all of them gave some pretty insightful information. Remember that the more information required, the more insightful and accurate your results are going to be. Now that you know where to get this important information, let’s discuss how you can  use it to help further your career.


After all, isn’t it a good idea to know what to do with all of this valuable information?


  1. You Can Figure Out Your Likely Salary Should You Relocate


If you are considering a move, or even if a move is unavoidable, a good salary calculator will help you predict your financial situation once you arrive. The truth is, cost of living varies from location to location, sometimes widely. Salaries can vary as well. Sometimes this works in your favor. Other times, not so much.


Whatever is going to be true, a salary calculator will give you the information that you need to plan accordingly. You can use the salary and job market viability information you find to determine how much you will have to spend on housing and other living expenses once you land in your new digs.


  1. Determine if a Career Change is Worthwhile


You’ve noticed a new market opening up, and you’re intrigued. Maybe this is your chance to do something new, to move on to bigger and better things. Before you step into the unknown, it’s a good idea to know exactly what to expect.


Once again, this is where a high-quality salary calculator is the ideal tool. Does this new and trending career path have the potential for sustainable growth? Are you likely to land a job in the next year? Will you be able to move upward within the next five? You could be onto something amazing. On the other hand, you could be in danger of following a career trend that is going to fizzle out quickly. Arm yourself with some great information.


  1. Successfully Navigate Salary Negotiations at Any Stage


It’s annual review time at work. Part of this process is determining what if any raise you will receive in the next year. Your performance has more than met the standards established for your position, so it seems natural that you have earned a raise. Doesn’t it?


That depends. Are you prepared to ask for the pay that you deserve? More importantly, can you back that number up if your boss challenges it? If you use a reputable calculator, you can bring both the number and the data to back it up.


If you are in the midst of getting a new job, coming with verifiable salary data also puts you in a great position when it comes to negotiating salary. Your potential employer will also be impressed with your knowledge.


  1. Calculate a Fair Market Value For Your Services


If you want to open your own business or become an independent contractor, how can you be certain that you are charging a fair market value for the work that you do? Any salary calculator should help by providing you with a baseline salary and other information that you can use to figure out what you should be charging for your services.


You don’t want to drive customers away by overcharging them. However, at the same time, you don’t want to cast doubts on your capabilities or professionalism by charging rates that are considerably below standard market value.


  1. Figure Out How Marketable a Major Is


Wouldn’t it be awful to pass up on a major that truly excites you, because other people convinced you that there was no future? When it comes to picking a major and your future career, don’t rely on uninformed opinions. Do some research. Who knows, the major everybody ridicules could lead into a career with lots of potential growth.


  1. Find Alternative Careers


In addition to listing average salaries, career outlook, and other information, many calculators also list careers that are similar to the one that you are researching. For example, an entry in a salary counter for architects might also make a reference to careers in construction management or civil engineers.


If you find that a particular career path isn’t worth pursuing, you may find that another career using the same interests and talents is a better choice for you.


  1. Plan Your Second Career


Careers come to an end for many reasons. Industries change. Jobs get shipped overseas. Sometimes people find themselves burned out or perhaps unable to continue for physical reasons. Whatever the case may be, it becomes necessary to pursue a new career path.


By using one of the calculators listed above, you might be able to figure out which new careers will be most likely to pay enough money for you to survive and thrive.



Find a great salary calculator and keep it bookmarked. Then, check in frequently. Stay on top of salary and other developments in your industry that could impact your ability to find work in the future and maintain secure employment right now. Finally, if you are considering taking your career in a new direction, don’t take a single step until you have all of the relevant information that you need.


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