8 Best Tips to Rock Your First Day of Work

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Now that you’ve landed on your new career, it’s time to imprint a great first impression. It’s essential that you nail your first day like how you did in your job search. The real work begins now. Hence, embrace the change. One of your goals on your first day of work is to impress your employer to prove that they made an excellent decision of hiring you.



How to Rock Your First Day of Work?


Below are the lists of tips that will help you jump-start your first day of work:


1. Prepare your outfit the night before

This may sound irrelevant but being able to plan on what you will wear ahead of time will lessen the additional stress on your first-day preparation. Putting on your appropriate work clothes is the key to looking smart and professional.


2. Research the company and your role beforehand 

Research your company’s mission, vision, goals, and even their competitors. Before you report to your work, you should be able to grasp as many information as you can to be well-informed of the ins and outs of your job. This will prepare you to talk confidently about the company. This could alleviate your anxiety on your first day and build your confidence as you start your career.


3. Arrive early (but not too early) 

Punctuality is imperative in any job. It is expected of you have to be on time in any work. Arriving earlier (around 15 minutes) than your co-worker will make a good first impression. Play-it-cool though by not looking too eager and arriving at work earlier than 20 minutes.


If you haven’t tried going to your workplace yet, practice it a couple of times before your first day. This is to foresee travel time and anticipate rush hour.


4. Smile 

Even though you are facing a lot of angst and apprehension as you start building your career on your first day, it is best to greet everyone with a smile. Smile when introduced to coworkers and your managers. This gesture exemplifies that you are grateful for your work.


5. Listen attentively and ask questions 

There will be a lot of instructions and information that will be shared. Your first task is to listen attentively. Listening is one of the most significant skills you can have at this time, which will have a great impact on your career effectiveness.


It’s acceptable to feel unsure of the process of the company. You’ll get confused about your role, and that’s perfectly fine on the first day. Start taking down notes and ask questions if some instructions are not clear. Don’t assume, if in doubt, ask again until you comprehend it clearly.



6. Learn your coworkers’ names quickly 

Make it a priority to memorize co-workers’ names. If you are bad with names, now is the time to research on some memory techniques to help you remember names quickly.

This is one of the best ways to make a favorable first impression and will make you ahead on your first day.


7. Take the initiative, be enthusiastic and be proactive 

Start slowly so that you allow your feet wet without being too overwhelmed with your working environment. Have the initiative to ask for your next task. Show your effort wholeheartedly.


Make sure your body language resonates a happy-to-be-here impression. Let your enthusiasm shine upon your workplace through your positive interaction. Concentrate on radiating your positivity to your coworkers on this first day.


8. Show genuine gratitude 

Thank all your co-worker who has given you a tour around. Ensure to recognize everyone who has helped you by personally thanking them. You can also send a personalized thank you email to those who express their extra mile in assisting you.


Lastly, a final piece of advice is to be yourself. It is very exhausting to be someone else just to impress people on your first day at work. Being yourself will make you find trusted colleagues who will become your friends that will make your job more enjoyable and satisfying.


Keep your expectation low. Do the best that you can to provide a great service. Show them that you can be one of the best team players and an asset to the overall success of the company.


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