8 Unspoken Reasons Why You Weren’t Hired

8 Unspoken Reasons Why You Weren’t Hired - Introvert Whisperer

Applying for a job is part of many people’s lives. Your resume is the application and needs to be done in a way that gets you hired. You need to have a professional resume which represents you in a great way. Do some online research and find out what the latest trends are. It is possible to find some cheap resume writing services or resume help online.

There are some mistakes people make when applying for a post. These mistakes could cost you the job. Also, interviews are another place where you can blow your chances. Let’s look at some of the reasons you might be sabotaging your career.

1. Your resume is more than 5 pages

I am really being nice saying more than 5. In this day and age, a resume longer than 2 pages might be frowned upon. A resume longer than 5 pages seems like a disrespect for the manager’s time. No one wants to read about the goal you scored in second grade. This is grown up life and you need to make sure you grasp their attention.


2. You missed something in the application process

You would be surprised how often this happen. People get so excited when they see the perfect job opportunity, they forget to read the application requirements. It could be something silly like 3 references and you only included 2. Had you read the requirements, you would have easily included a third.


3. Your cover letter is generic

Gone are the days when you could type out one cover letter and send it for every job applied for. Now you have to make sure your cover letter is written specifically for the post you’re applying for. Make sure all the job requirements are discussed on your cover letter. You don’t have to go in detail but at least make sure the company is aware that you have all the skills to do this job.


4. You have spelling errors and grammatical issues

This is unacceptable. N matter what, you should not be having spelling errors and grammar errors on your application. You should proofread it a few times and let an outside person (friend or family member) do the same. Eliminate all such issues or it will be picked up by the recipient of your resume.


5. Your references did not say all good things

Don’t worry, this happens a lot. You think you did an amazing job at your last company. Perhaps your referee said something totally irrelevant to them but strikes a cord with the new company. Perhaps they discussed the amount of times you took off sick or came in late. Who knows? This might be a reason you did not get hired. Make sure your references are aware of the importance of this application.


6. How prepared were you for the interview

Being called for an interview is great. Did you research the company’s values, mission, and vision? Do you understand the culture of the company and what they do? It may seem like a waste of time but this needs to be done in order for you to impress the committee.


7. Your dress code was not up to scratch

At your previous job, you could wear jeans and a tank top. You felt a little underdressed when you walked into this corporate establishment. Is everyone wearing tailored suits and look really polished? Perhaps you should have researched the dress code or simply asked around. Your image is important in this instance. Looking sloppy could cost you the job.


8. You thought you weren’t good enough

If you are doubting yourself the minute you walk into an interview, you already failed. You know it and the panel knows it. You have to come across as confident and believe in your abilities and achievements. All you have to tell yourself if that this company is lucky to have you.


These are only a few things we do that costs us being hired. Make sure none of these are the reason why you don’t get hired on your next try. Make sure you know the company well before applying. Impress them before you even walk into that interview. If you put together a good resume, they will be excited to interview you. Pay special attention to the format of your resume to ensure you are not cut out on silly technical errors. If there was a candidate better than you, then so be it. At least you did not make any mistakes that cost you the job.


Tegan Reed is a content writer at http://cheapresumewritingservices.net/ . Writing is not only her job but also her hobby. Tegan`s life credo is “You can make anything by writing”. She dreams of becoming a well-known writer as her cult-hero John Green.


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