8 ways introverts can trigger career success, without having to become an extrovert.

8 ways introverts can trigger career success, without having to become an extrovert - Introvert Whisperer

The typical description of someone that is successful is that they are bold, confident and loud. Their voice is heard and they get listened to. It’s something that isn’t often associated with introverts and to be honest, it is actually a misconception that people have. Being successful in your career depends on how you demonstrate value, not how loud you are or how often you are the centre of attention amongst your peers.


It is common for introverts to take the wrong approach by working in a way that puts their hope in a manager or stakeholder that will recognise their efforts and steer them closer towards their goal. Some of those introverts get lucky. But more often than not, those people overlook those quieter people in favour of those who don’t work as hard or demonstrate as much value, but they are in the public eye of their peers and coworkers.


For introverts, it often feels like we must change who we are as a person, and that goes against our nature. The thing is, you can make some positive changes that won’t affect who you are as a person, but will instead create opportunities for you to be recognised so that you will grow by leaps and bounds, so that you will be able to achieve and surpass your career goals.


Get your work published.

Getting your work published is the best thing you can do to amplify your chances of success, without having to push yourself towards becoming an extrovert. In order to improve your own recognition, you need to get yourself published so that you will be recognised as an expert in your field.

This means that you will be in the public eye, but you will be exposed to an audience that values the thoughts, opinions, and information that you want to share.


There are several different platforms that you can use to get yourself exposed. There are pros and cons to each, which I will list below.

#Publish on your own website or blog.

This is the quickest action that you can take towards gaining recognition. You want to share your thoughts or expertise in a blog post on your own site and then build your own audience. All you need to do is setup your own blog and start sharing your thoughts.


You can even blog on other people’s websites or you can blog on platforms such as LinkedIn or Medium to gain more exposure.


#Answer people’s questions online.

It sounds simple, but all you need to do is answer other people’s questions in a way that helps or empowers them. This will help to build your reputation as an expert and people will start being attracted to you.


#Publish a book or an e-book.

You should aim to become a recognised author. Write and publish a book and then get it published in hardcopy and in a digital format. You can then share the book with people who will learn about what you do. They will then be attracted to your expertise and the story that you have to share.

#Publish expert videos on YouTube.

One of the quickest ways to gain exposure is by publishing expert videos on YouTube. You can do this by being in front of the camera and showcasing the knowledge and expertise that you can share. Or you can share information in a slideshow or screen-share format, which doesn’t force you to be in front of the camera.


YouTube gets over 1 billion searches a day. If your expert video ranks well on YouTube, it will continue to get found and your expertise will continue to be validated by the amount of views, followers and inbound enquiries that you will receive.

#Publish on a podcast.

A podcast is another great way to get your name out there and to be in the public eye without being exposed to the higher risk of scrutiny. Your voice and the information that you share will captivate your audience. As your following grows, so will your Klout.

#Express an interest to get interviewed by other experts.

There are people that run their own channels who are always on the lookout for guests. You can participate in an interview where you will both have a casual conversation.

#Organise events or meetups.

You can be the person behind the scenes, but if you are the person that puts everything together, then people will start coming to you to help turn your idea into a reality. Or they might even expand on the idea that you’ve started. This will help you become a magnet and attract extroverts to your network. These extroverts will also help to propel you closer towards your goals.


Organise an event by creating a Facebook group or event, an event on Meetup or even on Eventbrite.


Remember that the name of the game is to demonstrate value.

Other people ride on their wave to success by being louder and brasher. For introverts, we must be bold in our actions. It’s important that we demonstrate value to our own audience, whether they are managers or stakeholders. But we must do it in a way that complements our strengths and doesn’t highlight our weaknesses.


We can easily use the publishing and networking methods provided to gain more adulation and recognition for our efforts. I promise you that if you start implementing these tips, you will see drastic changes in your life and career over the next 12 months.


Author Bio.

Mark Bourke is the Managing Director of Concept Displays, a signage company based in Melbourne Australia. When he isn’t working, you can find him enjoying life by the beach, park or near a BBQ.


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