9 Ways To Stay Mentally Strong In Your Busy Life

9 Ways To Stay Mentally Strong In Your Busy Life - Introvert Whisperer

Mental strength is a concept that many people should strive to possess. With strong mental capacity, you help yourself become more aware and functional in a busy life. You take each moment with a grain of salt and prioritize the things that are worth your attention. Mentally strong individuals also focus on themselves more than others. Meaning, they care more about how they are bettering themselves versus trying to change other people. So, they care more about the things that are in their control. Go figure, right? Here are some ways you, too, can train yourself to be mentally strong.

Get Sufficient Sleep

Sleep is the most underutilized resource. Our minds are so wired with to-do lists and outings with the family that we forget to hit the hay for at least 6 ½ to 8 hours a night. Logging recommended hours of sleep a night guarantees that your body will replenish and rejuvenate. When given the chance to sleep and rebuild, we thus build a stronger mental capacity and well-being.

Admitting Fault

This may seem counterintuitive, but knowing when you are at fault makes the difference between a strong and weak mental state. You become humble and reflect on the things that could have been done differently. In fact, people will remember you more for how you stood up to this notion as well as how you recovered from it. That is far more important than holding onto pride.

Exercise For Health

Exercising has an enormous amount of benefits but the top priority should be for the benefit of your overall health. Yes, vanity is a plus, but being able to walk long distances without losing your breath or carrying those loads of grocery bags into the house without breaking a sweat are definitive ways to get you moving. Plus, you’ll spend less time at the doctor’s office and more vacations, instead. Even if you have to go slow by starting your workout on a treadmill, it’s still more than you did yesterday.

Journaling to Free Your Mind

Writing things down not only channel your inner, deeper thoughts, but it can serve as a great tool to get your mind organized. With so many things you have to remember and do with your brain, it’s nice being able to map out to-do lists or express emotions when it all feels a little chaotic upstairs.

Meditation for a Healthy Mind

Morning mantras are an effective way to start each day with positivity and great health. Many tend to overlook the need to mentally take care of the mind, body and soul. Making a habit of waking up each day or even right before bed with meditating can significantly improve and sustain your mental health. Try taking deep breaths and centering your thoughts on positivity. Over time, you’ll notice a great deal of self-awareness and well-being.


Book that weekend getaway you’ve been meaning to for so long. Or, study abroad in another country. Experience more things around you whilst taking a break from your everyday reality, so to speak. Plus, you’ll get a chance to meet new people and see new things. More knowledge and experience are always the perfect way to broaden perspective.

Keep Your Commitments

When you make a commitment, be sure to stick to it. Whether it be showing up to your friend’s bridal shower or meeting a deadline for work, you will always be loomed with the regret of saying you will go, but didn’t. Nothing is worse than when someone breaks a promise to you, so don’t fall into the same shoes. Commitments hold you accountable and when you fulfill them, they also help you feel accomplished and warranted for your efforts.

Do Nice Unto Others

You can’t say it doesn’t feel good when you can to do nice things for others. It’s also mentally gratifying when those good deeds are for those much less fortunate than you. Community service can be such a great way for you to spend your time and remind you to appreciate things you already have. Every now and then, people forget about those who struggle when they are busy reaping in their own successes. Your success is by no means a punishment, rather it should be seen as a catalyst to help others not quite there yet.

Let Go or Be Dragged

If you continue to let the little things bother you, you will only feed into the negativity that surrounds it. You are in control of your own emotions. So, you can choose how to react to any situation and determine whether it’s worth any more of your time. Otherwise, let it go and move on. Chances are, the people on the other side of that have done it already. If it isn’t worth your time, find something that is and this too shall pass.


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