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Just when I thought I was past the need to learn some new technology for my business for a while, it seems that wasn’t in the cards.  I’ll tell you all about it below because it might be something you will want to take advantage of.

I think the lesson in this is that you never stop learning and growing.  Things change around you daily and the best illustration of this is technology but it’s only one thing that changes.  Pretty much everything does.

The deal is you have to be change-ready in life and work.  If you aren’t you get by-passed quickly.  Also, your life gets confusing and frustrating.  Imagine, not having or using the Internet?  Or not having a cell phone?  Or a car?  Life gets tough very fast.

Obviously, there is some judgment that needs to take place to figure out whether or not learning something will enhance your life in any way.  But, staying open to change and having a willingness to change, is and will always be an asset for you.

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Dorothy Tannahill-Moran

Introvert Whisperer

Here’s how I look at it:  You can learn something new and make the change that goes with it.  If you’ve given it a good shot and you don’t think it’s worthwhile, then stop.  Sounds a bit like quitting doesn’t it?  Maybe it is but I think you never know if something is going to work well for you until you try it long enough to make a truly informed decision.  I think there is a certain freedom in the idea that you can give yourself permission to try something and if you don’t like it or it’s not beneficial, then move on.

Now you know and before you tried, you didn’t really know.

So, here’s what I’m up to.  I’m going to start doing live videos on Facebook starting next week.  My plan is to do a couple of minutes of a career success tip once a week.  If all goes well, then I’m going to do a second live video with a tip and open Q&A for those who join in and want some answers to burning career questions.  

Right now, I’m aiming for 4pm central.  I have to learn this first and give it a few tests before Monday but its technology – always filled with surprises.  To make this easy for you to check out, pop over to the Introvert Whisperer page and like it: Introvert Whisperer Facebook Page

Wish me luck.


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