Are You Allowing Yourself To Be Labeled?

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I was having an interesting conversation with a new friend yesterday and I was telling her about my dislike in being labeled. I’ve long had an aversion at being called “Mrs.” or even “Ms.” but the aversion extends far beyond just those titles. I simply don’t like to be categorized. People do like to categorize each other as it simplifies communication but it also over-generalizes and anytime that happens, we are wrong in some way about that person.


I think that’s why when I write about introverts, I will sometimes say it doesn’t matter if you are or aren’t a “card-carrying introvert”. The important thing is to look beyond the label and understand if the challenges are ones you relate to then I can help address those issues.


My friend said that a lot of people like to live behind a label or a belief system. It definitely made me think about labels. Then, almost on queue, I heard a motivational speaker on talk radio. He is a former soldier who lost his arms and legs while serving in the military. He said he didn’t consider himself “wounded”. He said he was wounded but now he’s healed. He’s living his life to help others see that life can be as good as you choose.


Are you labeling you?



Do you have a label that defines your life? Do you hold certain beliefs about yourself that somehow limit you?


If you do, what would your life be like if you didn’t have the label? Or if you changed the label?


You may not even be aware that you may have a label but I know people who label themselves all the time. I have a friend who has called herself “stupid” for the entire time I’ve known her. She isn’t stupid but at some level, she’s living up to her label. I told her one time that I never considered her stupid and didn’t know anyone who did – so why on earth would she? Would she call someone else stupid? No, she would never consider being so cruel – but why be cruel to you?


See what I mean? 


Think about labels today and if you have any, get rid of them and live label-free.


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