When You Ask For Advice Make Sure To Have a Plan

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I’d like to share an interesting perspective with you from a career coach’s experience.  It has to do with job seekers and advice.  I’ve compared these experiences with others who have spent much more time focused on job search coaching than I do (my focus is mostly on how to optimize your career or career advancement).


I have found that people who are doing a job search are in a constant search for “the” one thing that they are missing that will speed up the process of landing a job.  Usually, the search is for the resume and how to improve it. It’s understandable, once you commit yourself to that arduous process; you just want to get it over.


At the same time, the majority of those same people ignore the advice they are given.  Mind you, not everyone does this, but the vast majority.  I find it confusing and frustrating to spend time with someone, sharing your best information on the subject, only to see them ignore it and push on doing the same thing.  This isn’t just happening to me, everyone who does career coaching has this experience.  In fact, one of the leading job search experts told me he stopped doing any individual coaching because he saw this happen so consistently, it was making him cynical – and he didn’t want that to happen.


When it comes to advice, I can see both sides.  On one side, I don’t think you should ever substitute someone else’s judgment for your own.  I think you can get yourself into trouble if your inner voice tells you to go left when someone else tells you to go right.  On the other hand, I think if you actually seek an expert opinion on something important, you should try to incorporate it into your actions as much as possible (assuming they didn’t tell you to jump off a cliff).



If you’re not prepared to pursue someone’s advice: Don’t ask for it.


I hope this isn’t coming off as a rant because it wasn’t meant to be.  I thought you might find this “phenomena” to be interesting.  I also think that things like this aren’t often discussed openly and as you know, I’m all about unique and helpful insights.  But, I think when you have a level of awareness on something that you might do that doesn’t serve you well – you stand a chance of avoiding it when the time comes.

With that thought in mind – stay cool!


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