How To Do Authentic Self-Promotion Without Being Obnoxious

How To Do Authentic Self-Promotion Without Being Obnoxious - Introvert Whisperer

As a rising Introvert Leader, it doesn’t matter where you are in your climb; you have to self-promote or plan to stay put. The very idea of self-promotion is disgusting to most people because the ones you see doing self-promotion aren’t the role models. Those people are obnoxious.

In fact, the people you don’t see self-promoting are the ones doing it right.

Well-executed self-promotion is subtle, tasteful and yes, (this will blow you away) useful.

Do I have your attention now?

The first thing you need to know about self-promotion is that we do it all the time. We are constantly promoting our ideas, our agendas and ourselves. If we didn’t, we would never have anything “go our way,” no one would know anything about us, nor would they know our good work.

What this means is that you might be in need of an attitude adjustment about self-promotion.


How to Pull Off Authentic Self-Promotion

To authentically self-promote without negatively impacting your personal brand, try these actions:

  • Update. Actively keep your boss, your peers and stakeholders up-to-date on key projects and issue resolutions.
  • Ping the big boss. Periodically, update an executive on a pet project of theirs so you gain visibility.
  • Seed” conversations. “Seeding” means that occasionally you want to inject a comment that lets people know your expertise. Example: “I’ve solved problems like this before…” or “Usually when I solve a problem similar to this….”
  • Take on more. Volunteer to be responsible for a project or task that will help demonstrate your ability to work at the next level up. When you do, let it be known that this is a stretch goal for you. It will also give you visibility, which is important.
  • Compliment others. There’s nothing like other people thinking you’re a wizard than when you publicly let others know someone did something great. What this does is cement in the mind of the other person that you’re smart enough to realize how great they are. They will spread the word. (Tweet this!)
  • Be informative. The difference between a bragger and a subtle self-promoter is that you are being informative by offering up information that might be useful to others.
  • Don’t compete. When you chose to compete with others, it will show and you will be obnoxious. Choose your timing well and don’t compare your accomplishments to others.
  • Pay attention. As I mentioned, there are self-promoters around you that you never     realized. Pay attention to those around you who are being promoted and given raises who seem to be doing things right. You can learn just by being aware of what works for others.

While it is important to perform well, you must understand that good work is not enough to get you climbing up that ladder of success. You must help the decision makes realize you are a star and the only way that will happen is if you help them.

What comes naturally to extroverts can become a great process for you to follow. You don’t need a personality transplant to move your career forward. You simply need “adaptation” strategies.

What are your thoughts on self-promotion? Share in the comments!

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  • craig kensek

    Care has to be taken when “seeding”. Avoid the phrase “At my old company, I…..”

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