A Bad Job Can Make Your Life Miserable

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If you haven’t heard me say this, let me repeat myself here: “It’s not JUST a job; it’s half your life.” Some people think you can cleanly separate your job and your life. That’s simply not true. You are living your life the entire time and therefore, there is no separation between the two.


It’s like if you tried to think of sleep as separate from your life. Sleep, just like a job, consumes part of your life. Also, you want both to work well because it has a huge impact on other parts of your life.


I think this is an important concept to think about because like anything that isn’t going well your life, you need to figure out how to improve it. It’s also such a big chunk of your life that you should enjoy it just like a good meal.


How to improve your situation? I think there are a few things you should do:


  • Put together an improvement plan. Figure out what isn’t working well and put together a plan to improve each item one at a time.
  • Change you. Many times, all we have to do is to make a change in our outlook or how we interact with someone to make a huge impact.
  • Focus on what does work. All jobs, no matter how bad, do have some redeeming aspects to them. Figure out what those are and focus on those.


So, my friend, if your job isn’t like a good meal; change it. Life is too short for bad jobs (and also bad food).


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