The Best Jobs for People Who Love To Travel

The Best Jobs for People Who Love To Travel - Introvert Whisperer

 For those of us more on the more introverted side of the scale, some job roles can be difficult. Open plan office spaces, meetings, and presentations can make an otherwise perfectly agreeable job a draining experience. While all of that is manageable, especially if you’re in a career you are passionate about, job selection should play a part if the work environment just isn’t right for you.

Today more and more jobs can be done remotely or nomadically, jobs that up until a few years ago would require you to arbitrarily clock into an office at 9 am and clock out at 5 pm. There is still some mind-set change required to catch up with technological advancements, presenteeism is still overly prioritized over more important metrics such as performance and retention, but as industries begin to understand the benefits of allowing more flexible work, remote working will become more widespread.

All of that being said, there is still a huge opportunity for more traditional jobs that do not rely on computers. If you have a more hands on skillset, it is likely your skills could be applicable abroad. To browse just some great jobs for people who love to travel, as well as some great tips for working abroad check out this new infographic by De Vere Hotels:


Jay Williams is part of the content and community team at De Vere Hotels, who have a number of modern country estate hotels throughout the UK. Passionate about travel, Jay has been lucky enough to travel all over the world, mixing business and pleasure.


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