Best Outfits For Introverts

Best Outfits For Introverts - Introvert Whisperer

Sure, you don’t like crowds and don’t need the constant attention of strangers, but that shouldn’t stop you from looking your best. First and second impressions do matter, and while you might not want any “look-at-me!” outfits in your closet, taking pains with your appearance will positively affect your interactions with other people.


So, focusing on style rather than showiness, here are a few shopping tips to help you look your best, every day:


Cotton Jersey Sweat Shirt

This garment is not only comfortable but looks good on any body type, can be paired with a wide array of other clothing and will keep you warm when it’s chilly out. You can find a range of subtle colors such as pale dogwood rather than bright pink, and dress in additional layers both on the inside and outside the sweatshirt if the weather’s really grim.


Maxi Sweater Dress

This is currently very fashionable, comfortable to wear and doesn’t make it seem like you’re trying to show off your curves. If you’re on the shorter side, you can easily wear it with heels. This kind of dress is a little on the formal side, so you can pair it with a suit for wearing in the office, or even if you need to dress up for a job interview. If you don’t like loading up on jewelry and accessories, gray or beige tones are good choices.


Pajama Style-Jacket

A strange hybrid between a robe and a coat, this will help you look your best whatever you wear it with. Owning one or two of these jackets will give you many options, such as simply putting it on over a basic tee and jeans. Avoid prints and go for plain trim so you can get maximum versatility out of it.


Sweat Shirts

Something everyone should own, and the why requires no explanation. You can wear it at home while you’re vegetating on the sofa, over your workout clothes when you’re going to the gym, or whenever nothing more than all-out casual is required.


Velvet Slippers

Velvet fabrics are no longer in fashion, but this applies less to footwear than to clothing. A pair of plain velvet slippers in a deep color is an excellent buy.

Oversized Sweater

Pretty much a blanket with sleeves, this garment is supremely comfortable, nicely warm and still manages to be very flattering. It’s good for outdoor or indoor wear and can be combined with a coat and scarf when chilly.


Fleece Cotton-Blend Track Pants

These are similar to jogger pants but way better from a fashion perspective. It can pass as sporty wear, or as part of a casual ensemble.


Slip Dress

Everybody needs to have something this decadent in their wardrobe, for those functions or dinners – obligatory or otherwise – when you simply have to look your most stunning. You can add a few carefully chosen accessories to stand out from the crowd a little more, or pair it with velvet slippers for a more mellow look.


* * *

Not wanting to look overly conspicuous does not necessarily mean dressing poorly. Even if you’re not that much into socializing, finding your own style, which you’re able to carry off in a unique way, will help you have more fun, while being able to dress up once in a while will help to impress those people who’re worth the effort.

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