Are you better at keeping commitments to others than you?

Are you better at keeping commitments to others than you? - Introvert Whisperer


For a lot of people, it’s way too easy to blow off the important things we need or want to do for us.


With things like work and family, you have a “built-in” accountability structure.  The people in those groups expect you do fulfill your commitments and for a variety of good reasons, you tend to keep those commitments.


The reason a commitment to you is so easy to blow off is that an accountability structure is missing.  In fact, we have had teams of scientists and doctors study the problem with change.  They know that only about 20-30% of all changes are done independently or without someone else in mix. The rest don’t get done.  And it doesn’t matter if the change is a matter of life or death, people behave the same.  You would think if there was a good reason like your life hanging on a change, you’d do it – but that’s not the case.


What does that mean to us?


It means most all of us need some type of accountability and when it’s not “built-in” you have to create it.


We can create accountability a number of different ways:

  • Remind yourself = put a sticky note or reminder to do something in a good place like your calendar
  • Create an obligation with your commitment = sign up for something to nudge you
  • Ask for accountability = you see this with things like work out buddies but you could do this with anything
  • Seek professional accountability = pay someone to keep you accountable and to work through your process with you, this is like a personal trainer or a coach like me

You will notice that with the 4 things I outlined, you eventually were engaging another person and usually that is the most effective.  It’s also a form of support and we can all use some on certain things.


Moral of this story:  If you believe you miss too many commitments to yourself, consider putting some of these items in place to help you create more accountability.




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