“The Boss” 2 Things to Think About

“The Boss”  2 Things to Think About - Introvert Whisperer

I had lunch with a friend and I was asking about her son who I had helped a bit with career coaching.  She was saying he loved his job and especially had a great boss.  She told me some of the things this boss had said and done.  Clearly, this boss was a good leader.


I want to share with you what I shared with my friend simply to give you something to think about in your own career.


For as long as I have paid attention to this statistic (which is close to over 20 years) the number 1 contributor to a person’s job satisfaction is: The Boss.  I think most people think it’s the money but money, strangely enough, shows up in #3 or #4 spot but the boss has been at the top spot all the time.


If you think about it, it becomes easy to see.  At some point, it almost makes no difference how much you get paid, if the boss is a miserable person, the money can’t make you happy.


I think this factoid is important to you for 2 reasons:


#1 – If you lead others, YOU are responsible for whether or not those people will like coming in to work.  That alone should cause you to pay attention and try to be a good leader.  Things like motivation and productivity are directly tied to this condition. Even if you want to feel no responsibility for how others feel, you need to pay attention to the fact that your team will perform better if they can work well with you.  You will look much better to the executives if your team works great – isn’t that worth it?


#2 – If you don’t like going to work, it’s the boss.  While you know I’m a big advocate of taking responsibility for working well with the boss (and you are), you also must recognize the reality of the situation.  You can’t change another person, nor can you expect for them to wake up and be different.  Unless you think the boss is going to quickly move on from the current job, things aren’t going to improve anytime soon.  Do you want to live like this? Take responsibility for compensating your interactions with the boss.  It could completely change the dynamic.


It’s a tough job being the boss.  I know, I’ve done it for years.  It’s also the best job if done right but it’s seriously easy to do wrong.  That’s why there are so many books and classes devoted to leadership and management training.




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