How to build your self-discipline in the push for promotion

14 ways to improve your self-discipline - Introvert Whisperer

Big ambitions are great, but they are unlikely to amount to much unless you push beyond your comfort zone and recognize the elements of your character that you need to work on in order to succeed.


When there’s a big promotion coming up at work and you want to make it yours, it’s time to take a moment aside with yourself and think about what you need to do to achieve it. Some of it will be straightforward: keep working hard, do what you’re good at, and let the boss know you want it.


Other techniques will require a bit more work. Perhaps your boss hardly knows you exist, because you tend to be the listener in group meetings. Maybe you find it difficult to motivate yourself to go to networking events because it just isn’t how you operate.


That’s fine, and you need to work to your strengths. But if you have the desire to go that extra mile, and you have resolved to start showing up and speaking up, you might need to call on your self-discipline to see it through. Fortunately, there are plenty of techniques you can use to improve your resolve and self-control. You just need to figure how to apply them to your specific situation.


For example, if you tend to sit with a friend in meetings, ask them to nudge you when it’s clear you have a great idea to share. Reminders can be one of the best ways to keep us on track, and coming from someone who cares about you can it can mean a lot.


And try pairing those network evenings with something you love. For example, if you’re into films, try making network evenings ‘cinema night’ – once a week, after the networking event, you will take yourself to the cinema and enjoy a movie by yourself. After a couple of weeks, you may even come to look forward to network evenings.


For a range of other self-discipline hacks, check out this new guide from CashNetUSA – because it’s great to be great, but you need to let others notice it too!



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