Calling All Bad Boss Stories!

Calling All Bad Boss Stories! - Introvert Whisperer

Sooner or later we all “get” a bad boss. Some are worse than others, but no matter how bad they are, they can make our work-life miserable.

I’m collecting bad boss stories and I’d like to hear yours. There are two ways you can tell me your story:

  1. Submit your story in the comment box below. I ask that you edit out profanity as this becomes public – if you want to *bleep* I think we’ll get the drift. Also no names of the bad boss please – I don’t want someone coming after me (after all they’re BAD!).
  2. I’ve got a link to a submission page that will keep you and your Bad Boss story private. You can access it here.

And then what?

I’m going to publish them; I think they’ll be entertaining. Of course, I will protect the innocent storytellers in the process. I hear a lot of Bad Boss stories and trust me, some of them are so outrageous that they need to be heard.

So, give it shot. What’s your story?

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