How can being an introvert benefit your career?

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Most extroverts believe that being an introvert is associated with lack of confidence or shyness. This is not true. In fact, being an introvert does not have to be associated with any negative trait but,  is associated many positive ones. It is time to embrace your introvert nature with dignity and to understand how being one can actually be a boon for your career and life, in general.


  1. Introverts usually think better : It is a popular saying, “The wiser you become, the lesser you speak”. This is because wise men realise that thinking and observing can teach us much more than speaking does. Talking about shallow things can drain a lot of energy that could be utilized for other, more important tasks. Maybe that’s the reason we have two ears and one mouth.


Being an introvert enables us to access the thoughts and ideas that are lying deep inside our mind. The focus of introvert people is more on the inside than on the outside. Also, introverts think before they act, which is obviously very advantageous in many situations at work where we can not always make impulsive decisions. They also know patience better than others and are also able to concentrate better and for longer periods which is of great advantage in many careers. Some of the most successful people and biggest leaders have been introverts. Read the Biography of Mahatma Gandhi or Albert Einstein and you will know the perks of having inside out kind of an approach.


  1. Introverts are Better Listeners : To reply effectively, it is very important to listen carefully. Introverts are less likely to interrupt others in a conversation and are more likely to listen well. In fact, they are world-class listeners. They listen not just to respond, but listening carefully is a way of showing respect and importance to the speaker.


Everyone wants to be heard and they offer much-needed attention to people’s thoughts rather than trivial conversations. This is one big reason why introverts become great leaders – because they listen to everyone and respect everybody’s thoughts equally. They do not get attracted to meaningless conversations.


  1. Introverts are more self-aware : There is another saying “Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens”. Introverts take considerable time introspecting. This is sort of a recharge period for them because they get tired in the company of people. This is a great practice that makes introverts understand their problems and correct them. In any career, it is important to know where we are making errors and how can we avoid them. This is the best way to grow. The one who accepts his/her mistakes and works at improving them sees a dramatic improvement in their work.


  1. Introverts are Better Problem-Solvers : We know that the solutions to all our problems lie inside us, but not many of us have the courage to face the turbulence inside. An introvert is more likely to look on the inside for solutions since he/she depends on his/her mind for all the answers. While many, who find comfort in other people’s company, wave-off the thoughts which then get accumulated inside them.


Also, patience is a key quality for problem solving. Introverts would not add unimportant points to any conversation but speak after filtering their thoughts. This avoids confusion and solves the issues quickly. Therefore, their career paths are smoother and more sorted.


  1. Introverts are Better Writers : Usually, introverts are better writers. There are exceptions for sure and if you an extrovert it does not mean you can’t be good at writing. But, introverts think very deeply and can address their deepest fear and love, with more clarity because they know the world inside their minds better. They talk to themselves regularly as well as observe the situations and people thoroughly.


Also, writing enables them to pour their heart out while giving them space and time to filter their thoughts before expressing them.


  1. Introverts Do Quality Work : Introverts are more likely to take up work that they can commit too. This ensures they finish whatever tasks they take up at work and do that well. They believe in quality, be it work or relationships and will not do anything just for the sake of it or at surface-level.


They believe in meaningful relationships where they can connect deeply. Their work will always be quality rather than quantity. They usually have a higher sense of perfectionism.

Being an introvert is more of a blessing than a flaw. In fact, it is not a flaw at all. We must realise that the potential is latent in introverts but some qualities are exclusive to them that can help them have a bright career.

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