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Today we’re going to go deep in response to a question I recently received. If you’ve got career questions you’d like me to answer, send them along!

Hi Dorothy,

I just started a new job and making network connections is really important and has been very helpful. I know everyone has newbie nerves when first starting a new job, but I began developing some hefty anxiety. Making friends/networking and using my excellent introvert listening skills helped me learn more about the dynamics of the office and having someone else to go to for help has really helped get me over the anxiety. I wonder, do introverts experience more anxiety than extroverts?

Signed, C-


Do Introverts Experience More Anxiety Than Extroverts?

More than likely, a couple of things are going on at the same time with starting a new job. While I’ve not read anything specifically about introverts and anxiety, I do know that many “sensitive” children are, in fact, Introverts. That could help you conclude that anxiety may occur more frequently with us.

Also, we know the brain actually chemically behaves differently for us Introverts, allowing us to be more easily (over)stimulated than our extraverted counterparts. I think those elements could help contribute to anxiety.

Another thing is your own transition into a new job. I’m also a certified change practitioner, and we know that in the first stage of change and transition, you can experience some very strong emotions simultaneously, like excitement and fear (egads!!), to the point that you can start second-guessing your decision, or the job, etc. The new job transition can create a lot of confusion, discomfort and a sense of not belonging – again, a nice cocktail for contributing to anxiety. The deal is that’s how transition or the emotional reaction is to the first part of making a change like this.  In other words, its natural for most people to feel the way you are. I do write about new job jitters, so rest assured: you’re in good company.


How to Deal With Anxiety

Here are the three things I think make up the best approach to your anxiety:

  1. Acknowledge you will always go through a stage of discomfort when embarking on a new and significant change. It’s much like the doctor telling you that after surgery you’re going to feel some pain. Knowing what to expect doesn’t make it go away, but it does give you confidence in knowing you’re normal and it will pass. (Tweet this!)
  2. As an Introvert, your secret power is your ability to make strong relationships, one at a time. So keep up the good work!
  3. Take good care of yourself and do some de-stressing. Get alone time and do some self-care, like a massage. I also recommend you put lavender essential oil in your office.

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How do you handle anxiety when it comes to your career and/or your life? Share in the comments!

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Brought to you by Dorothy Tannahill-Moran – dedicated to unleash your professional potential.

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