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5 Reasons Why Your Body Language Might Be Holding You Back

Body language is an important part of communication, which can constitute 50% (or even more) of what we are communicating. But what is it exactly? To put it simply, it is an unconscious aspect of communication that, a lot of the time, you aren’t even aware of. Through your body language, you could be sending…

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An Introvert’s Guide To Becoming More Social

Many people consider introverted people shy, think they can’t socialize and make friends and are just destined to be alone. But a true introvert knows this: it has nothing to do with shyness. We’re just being selective when it comes to communicating with others, we just don’t find comfort in spending time with random people,…


Can You Disagree Without Being Disagreeable?

  Have you noticed that for some reason, when people are disagreeing, what you hear often digresses? It seems that some people resort to yelling and if it’s online its nasty comments? Can’t we disagree without being disagreeable? Recently, I’ve being teaching in my webinars about assertiveness and constructive confrontation. A key piece of advice is…

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Be Remembered for the Right Reasons

You’re nicely dressed and striking all the body language to be just the right person others want to meet and add to the contact list. What do you say when you’re asked the inevitable question “What do you do?” If the next 30 seconds is boring, cringe-worthy or forgettable all of the rest of your…


6 Things I can do when I’m bored at Work

It’s one thing to be in a job that moves fast and has a certain amount of stress but when you’re bored at work that is something else entirely.  A boring job means that you don’t have enough mental stimulation to keep you and your mind active.    The days drag on forever and eventually you…

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5 Steps to Mastering the Fine Art of Work Confrontation

We are all faced with uncomfortable issues at work some times.  Someone does or doesn’t do something that is an issue with agreements, work flow or your values.  Plain and simple, it creates a problem for you; and you are now faced with how best to tackle the issue. All too often, we simply try…

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