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5 Surprising Ways to Make an Awesome First Impression - Introvert Whisperer

5 Surprising Ways to Make an Awesome First Impression

First impressions can be stressful even for those who like to socialize and interact with others—but for introverts, meeting new people can be especially anxiety-inducing. But there are strategies you can use to improve your chances at making a good impact on new acquaintances, and no, they don’t all revolve around a good, firm handshake….

Job Interview - Introvert Whisperer

5 Things to Do During Any Job Interview

While applying for a job offer you need to take into account that any company starts their selection process by going through CVs and calling potential candidates in for an interview. If you already applied for the job and are waiting for that call, or if you already have that interview scheduled for your dream…


What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

Did you know that your handwriting is unique just like your fingerprint? Yes, that’s true! What’s more, your handwriting can tell experts whether you are an introvert or a visionary, imaginative or self-critical, emotional or logical, and much, much more. For example, if your letters are big, it suggests that you are an introvert or…

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5 Reasons Why Your Body Language Might Be Holding You Back

Body language is an important part of communication, which can constitute 50% (or even more) of what we are communicating. But what is it exactly? To put it simply, it is an unconscious aspect of communication that, a lot of the time, you aren’t even aware of. Through your body language, you could be sending…

Introvert Whisperer

An Introvert’s Guide To Becoming More Social

Many people consider introverted people shy, think they can’t socialize and make friends and are just destined to be alone. But a true introvert knows this: it has nothing to do with shyness. We’re just being selective when it comes to communicating with others, we just don’t find comfort in spending time with random people,…

5 Steps to Mastering the Fine Art of Work Confrontation - Introvert Whisperer

5 Steps to Mastering the Fine Art of Work Confrontation

We are all faced with uncomfortable issues at work some times.  Someone does or doesn’t do something that is an issue with agreements, work flow or your values.  Plain and simple, it creates a problem for you; and you are now faced with how best to tackle the issue.   All too often, we simply…

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