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Where Is The Line Between Your Work and Life?

I’ve noticed that many people struggle to identify where the line should be between their work priorities and their life priorities some call it work-life balance.  This struggle gets especially significant when a person is going through major career upheavals like switching jobs or changing careers.  As an adult, we amass numerous important elements to…

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Are Your Work Expectations Realistic?

Expectations. We all have them. Our expectations motivate us and drive us to do things both good and bad. We might expect a great time at a party or expect to get bored at grandmas. We have expectations of all sorts at work. We have expectations of our peers, the boss, the company and even…

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Leaders Are In High Demand

Hi!  Thanksgiving is past us and now we’re in the holiday season.  I love this time of year.  I love all the holiday music, the decorations and all the special food.   I’m in the process of launching the first chapter of a group called “Represent.US”.  It’s a cross partisan group that is aimed at…

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How Do You Live a Healthy, Positive Life?

Apparently the story I shared last week about the woman in Croatia who has faced so much adversity and the life lessons struck a cord.  Among the emails I received was one from a man who works with grief and other challenges people have.  His point was that in order for this woman and her…

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Disagree without being disagreeable

Hi! The elections are over and yet they aren’t. The biggest thing I keep thinking about is: How we can’t seem to disagree without being disagreeable. I’m not talking just political viewpoints; this covers everything we encounter where strong opinions exist. What happened to discussions to share opinions   Can you disagree and be calm? …

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