Dealing with Fear

Powerful Steps On How To Overcome Your Fears In Life - Introvert Whisperer

Powerful Steps On How To Overcome Your Fears In Life

Fear is a powerful emotion that sometimes can become overwhelming. Fear is a natural response to the unknown, however, it can be hard to push past if you’ve had problems with anxiety or have developed a phobia during your life. If you’re tired of feeling fear in your life over the small things, this expert…

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Disagree without being disagreeable

Hi! The elections are over and yet they aren’t. The biggest thing I keep thinking about is: How we can’t seem to disagree without being disagreeable. I’m not talking just political viewpoints; this covers everything we encounter where strong opinions exist. What happened to discussions to share opinions   Can you disagree and be calm? …

You're Normal If Change Makes You Uncomfortable - Introvert Whisperer

You’re Normal If Change Makes You Uncomfortable

Earlier this year, I converted to a new webinar system. Needless to say, as with all new things you have a learning curve and discomfort for a while. As I was getting ready for the first webinar using the new system, I could tell I was really nervous. Although I had practiced the new system…

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Push Over on Employee Performance Issues?

If you have been anointed manager, you surely must know that there are things you are responsible for that you’d rather not do. The highest priority item on that list of tough things to do is dealing with an employee who is a continuous performance problem. It not only impacts business, but when management simply…


How to Speak up When You’re Hurt at Work

If you’re naturally introverted, you might characteristically go about your job and scarcely speak up unless answering a direct question. However, when you’re injured at work, being assertive by letting someone know what happened is a necessity. Otherwise, you might end up with an untreated injury that’s more severe than you first realized. There are…

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An Introvert’s Guide To Becoming More Social

Many people consider introverted people shy, think they can’t socialize and make friends and are just destined to be alone. But a true introvert knows this: it has nothing to do with shyness. We’re just being selective when it comes to communicating with others, we just don’t find comfort in spending time with random people,…

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