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7 Success Strategies for Highly Sensitive People

Often ignored, dubbed, and overlooked- Highly Sensitive People (HSP) struggle to match with others. It’s not that I am singing a sympathy song for HSPs, but being one of them, I agree that every minute throws a new challenge on us (at least till the time we realize how to channelise this QUALITY in a…

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Is Jobs Security Major Reason People prefer Government Jobs over Private Sector?

Many people dream to start their career in a government department. Some of them even opt to work with less salary, but under one condition: government job. Why there’s craze for government jobs even when private sector offer fascinating pay and high-quality life? There’re many things that make people choose government jobs over private industry….


Are you Being Ignored Professionally?

Does the boss go to someone else besides you for (__fill in the blank___)?  Is other, less qualified co-workers, getting promotions, praise or acknowledgement? Every wonder why? One of the worst things in our life and career is not to be hated but to be ignored.  Disinterest or disregard means that others simply give you…


Tips on How to Become a Better Leader

In this fast paced day and age, leadership qualities are key to getting great jobs, earning promotions, and succeeding in school. Possessing leadership skills means you are able to communicate and work well with others, and most important of all, you have potential to lead and map out where you and your team need to…


Beating Burnout Before It Burns Your Career

It’s a high-speed, ninety-five in a nine to five kind of life. Burnout feels like a hidden evil in your benefits package, but it’s something everyone’s come to expect and accept as “just part of the job.” If you’re experiencing burnout, you’ll notice that deadlines stretch out and never seem to end. You may feel…

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Stop dreading meeting new people

If you’re like a lot of people, the idea of going to an event full of strangers is right up there with a root canal.  You get tongue-tied simply knowing how to start up a conversation, and after a couple of painful minutes you run out of things to say.  Awkward.  You never have to…

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Be Remembered for the Right Reasons

You’re nicely dressed and striking all the body language to be just the right person others want to meet and add to the contact list. What do you say when you’re asked the inevitable question “What do you do?” If the next 30 seconds is boring, cringe-worthy or forgettable all of the rest of your…

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